Sunday, November 29, 2015

Koch Brothers Extremists Reach Out for Hispanic Votes

Ashley Parker. New York Times.
MIAMI — The crowd that lined up around a megachurch here last week — largely Hispanic and mostly poor — came for the Saturday services, but also for the free flu shots that were being offered in the church, and for the Thanksgiving turkeys being given away just outside.
   But before they received their turkeys, those in line were asked to answer a few questions: Were they more likely to vote for a Republican or a Democrat in the 2016 presidential election? And did they feel that the government should increase or decrease federal spending in order to improve the economy?
Volunteers, holding clipboards and speaking mainly in Spanish, collected the names, telephone numbers and email addresses of everyone who showed up.
The approach — a free Thanksgiving turkey in exchange for some personal information — captures the mission of Libre, a multimillion-dollar effort financed by the conservative billionaire Kochs and devoted to winning over Hispanics, with the message that economic freedom and smaller-government principles will yield opportunity and prosperity.

Editor: And, of course, they begin in Miami where the Cuban Americans do not have a crisis with immigration, they have a favored pass. The Koch Brothers are searching for Hispanic Votes while not criticizing Donald Trump nor the many Republican candidates who have remained silent rather than respond to his racist campaigns.  See here.’s+Racially+Divisive+Politics+Must+Be+Exposed+and+Opposed+!

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