Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Haiti Earthquake- Video

Here is a video with Paul and Leisa of Children's Hope.
The Untold Story

Monday, March 29, 2010

Thousands of Haitians will die.

Thousands Of Haitians Will Die Unless U.S. Beefs-Up Relief Efforts

WASHINGTON -- President Clinton apologized on March 10
for the role that his government played in destroying a
big part of Haitian agriculture: "It may have been good
for some of my farmers in Arkansas, but it has not
worked. ... I have to live every day with the loss of
capacity to produce a rice crop in Haiti, to feed those
people, because of what I did."

Beginning in the 1980s, subsidized U.S. rice wiped out
thousands of Haitian rice farmers and made the country
dependent on imported food.

Clinton's apology is important and presents an
opportunity to change U.S. policy toward Haiti that has
been a major cause of suffering in this desperately poor

Most urgently, the current relief effort has to be
ramped up immediately to help the 1.3 million homeless
Haitians before thousands are killed by rains or the
hurricane season. A relatively brief rain on March 19
brought images of Haitians struggling through mud in
squalid camps to try to keep from being overwhelmed by

The rainy season is just beginning and it will get much
worse, especially for 200,000 homeless in 29 camps that
could get washed away when the rains get heavy.

Danny Glover is an actor and chairman of the board of
the TransAfrica Forum. Both he and TransAfrica have
worked to help Haiti for many years.

"It doesn't make sense that they can't even get people
tents two and a half months after the earthquake," he
told me in Washington.

Indeed it does not: the needed tents cost about $100
apiece; even if we double the government's request for
200,000 tents, the cost is $40 million, not even 2
percent of the public and private donations coming from
the U.S. and other countries.

Congress needs to turn up the heat by immediately
announcing that it will fulfill its oversight role,
complete with hearings and a report on how U.S. dollars
- taxpayer and private donations - have been spent in
Haiti. This would give some incentive to the larger
organizations and U.S. government contractors to help
save thousands of Haitian before they are killed by
rains or the hurricane season, which begins in June.

Chemonics, which has received multiple contracts
totaling tens of millions of dollars from USAID, is a
subsidiary of ERLY Industries, which is also the parent
company of American Rice Corp., a major beneficiary of
the policies that Clinton apologized for.

The American Red Cross has received an estimated one-
third of the billion dollars that American relief
organizations have raised for Haiti. It has had some
scandals in recent years involving the receipt of some
hundreds of millions of dollars of funds that were not
spent on the particular relief efforts for which they
were raised.

The most urgent needs are clear: in addition to the
necessary shelter and relocations, there needs to be
more aid provided outside Port-au-Prince so that people
are more able to live elsewhere. More aid to agriculture
for the current planting season is also urgent.

The international community, which is currently
providing most of Haiti's food, should commit to buying
at least the current and next season's crop of locally
produced rice at a profitable, guaranteed price, before
distributing any imported rice. Currently, as has
happened in the past, imported rice is pushing down the
price of local rice and can make it difficult or
impossible for farmers to survive.

The Haitian government also needs budget support; it is
currently getting only a tiny fraction of U.S.
government dollars, not nearly enough to even have a
functioning government that is necessary for the
reconstruction effort.

It is both wrong and counter-productive to try to
exclude Haitians from having a voice in the future of
their own country.


National Network supports immigrant participation in census

We ALL Count!

Stand up. Be counted. It's safe. It's our right.

Dear Friends,
Thanks to everyone who supported the letter to President Obama and DHS Secretary Napolitano, asking that they suspend enforcement activities to encourage immigrant participation in Census 2010. With Census Day less than a week away, on April 1, there has been no commitment from the Administration to take any such steps.
The message from the DHS has been that they will "not interfere" with the Census, but there has been no mention of suspending enforcement actions as during the past two census counts in 2000 and 1990. Instead, a statement from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) states that the agency "fully supports an accurate count of the U.S. population" and would prioritize enforcing laws "on those dangerous criminal aliens who present the greatest risk to the security of our communities..." The NNIRR letter to suspend enforcement for the 2010 Census, signed by more than 200 organizations, identified numerous programs that supposedly target "criminal aliens" and which have been responsible for the round-up, arrest and deportations of hundreds of thousands of immigrant men, women and children on immigration violations.
In the meantime, we encourage all of you to help mobilize immigrant community participation in the Census. Again, April 1 is national Census Day and is the target date for the return of census surveys, which most households received this past week. If households do not return their census surveys, they will receive a follow-up visit from a census outreach worker. For immigrant households concerned about such visits, they should return their forms now.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Immigrants rights activist Nativo Lopez arrested

Nativo was arrested today
at his Mental Competency Hearing,
Next Court Date
March 26,
1150 N. San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, CA An Open Letter

This morning Nativo Lopez, was arrested during his mental competency hearing and held under Contempt of Court, he will have another hearing tomorrow morning at the same location mentioned below, (1150 N. San Fernando Rd. Los Angeles, Ca Dept 95.)
He is being held with the most dangerous prisoners and was forced to get naked and watched and video taped by three female guards. He has decided to begin a hunger strike. We need your help and support during this moment and need help spreading the word. Please notify any media and come out and show your support. This is extremely unjust and we must get him out of prison and make everyone aware of what is going on.
Thank you for any questions or concerns please call
(714) 483-9137, Taina Lopez or
(714) 920-5452, Maria Rosa Ibarra.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winnemem-Wintu travel to New Zealand to protect salmon

Winnemem Wintu Leaders in New Zealand to Call McCloud Salmon Home 

by Dan Bacher 

Two dozen members of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe are now on a spiritual mission in New Zealand to ask Chinook salmon native to the McCloud River, a tributary of the Sacramento River, to return home to northern California. 

Tribal representatives will gather on the banks of the Rakaia River, in Canterbury, on Sunday, March 28 to apologize to the winter run Chinook salmon - a species that was introduced to the river over 100 years ago. The winter Chinook is also known as "quinnat" in New Zealand. 

At the culmination of a four-day ceremony, tribal members will perform the "nur chonas winyupus" or middle water salmon dance, according to a news release from Tourism New Zealand. 

In California, the winter run is a listed as an endangered species under state and federal law. Only 4,483 adult winter Chinook returned to spawn in the Sacramento River below Shasta Dam in 2009, down from approximately 120,000 fish in 1969. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Immigration reform: Stuck in the shadows

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Sunday, tens of thousands of Americans who supported Barack Obama's presidential campaign in 2008 will gather on the Mall to protest the president's lack of action on a cause to which he had committed himself throughout the campaign: immigration reform.
As a candidate, Obama spoke eloquently of the need to bring the estimated 11 million immigrants here without documentation "out of the shadows." As president, he stepped up the number of deportations to an all-time high: 298,401 in fiscal 2009, a 13 percent increase over the last year of George W. Bush's presidency. But reforming our ridiculous immigration laws so that the millions of immigrants here illegally could have a path to legalization was deferred, like so many administration commitments, until health-care reform was enacted.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Immigrants all

San Patricio

On this day of all days in the Irish-American calendar, when ethnic pride swells, let’s raise a toast: Here’s to the Irish, and here’s to the rest of us. May we never forget where we came from. Nearly all of us were Mexicans once. That is: the new immigrants, poor and reviled, propelled by hope and hunger into America’s prickly embrace.

What brings this juxtaposition to mind is “San Patricio,” a new album from Paddy Moloney of the great Irish traditionalist band the Chieftains. It commemorates a historical footnote: the San Patricio battalion of Irish-immigrant soldiers who deserted the United States Army and fought for Mexico in the Mexican-American War of 1846-48. They picked the losing side, were captured, executed or branded as traitors, and then forgotten, except by Mexicans.
Mr. Moloney, a musician of restless curiosity, saw it as a tale of tragedy and loss, but also a chance for creative collision. “If the Irish were there, there would most certainly have been music,” he says. The same goes for the Mexicans. He invited Irish, Mexican and American musicians to play and sing, to see what would happen.
What happened was not all dolorous lamentation, though there is some of that. The rest is joy, thoroughly Mexican yet utterly Irish, carried aloft by tin whistles, skin drums, pipes, harps, guitars and stomping feet. It’s a mix you’ve never heard, but eerily familiar. Listen to the classic “Canción Mixteca,” sung in Spanish by the Mexican supergroup Los Tigres del Norte, accompanied by accordion, bajo sexto, tin whistle and uilleann pipes.
“How far I am from the land where I was born! Immense longing invades my thoughts, and when I see myself as alone and sad as a leaf in the wind, I want to cry. I want to die of sorrow.”
That old song, woven into the Mexican soul, is as Irish as it gets. And it’s an American song, too. We are all people who have lost our land in one sad way and found another. Whether we lament and celebrate in a pub or cantina, whether our tricolor flag has a cactus on it or not, we are closer to one another than we remember.

New York Times 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What the anti immigrant campaign looks like

This statement is being posted on blogs.  It reveals some of the major ideas being used.
I ran into these in a workshop on health care among the elderly.

This really is the time when jobless American or any citizen and legal resident needs be a member of RECLAIM AMERICAN JOBS caucus. Only together can we stop this travesty of our immigration laws? Whatever our party consideration, we need to make it clear to all politicians that America belongs to THE PEOPLE-not to the open border demented fools, pariah businesses or the politicians themselves. There are three main enforcement tools within the United States. E-Verify, 287(g) local police alien enforcement and ICE raids. Reps. Lamar Smith (R-TX), Gary Miller (R-CA) and Sue Myrick (R-NC) have formed the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus to raise public awareness of the connection between illegal immigration and unemployment. To pressure the Obama Administration to vigorously enforce the laws against the employment of illegal aliens, work to implement legislation that will protect U.S. jobs from the impact of illegal immigration (especially to make E-Verify mandatory) Working to defeat legislation that will put U.S. jobs at risk from the impact of illegal immigration (especially to defeat amnesty.)

The Tea party movement have many objections to the Republican usurpers and the majority certainly don't agree with Dick Armey. But then Steve Poizner would be a great win for California, as he promised he would halt the draining of public entitlements to illegal aliens and give full reign to ICE to investigate and place in detention the millions of foreign families living illegally there. Certainly Governor Schwarzenegger did nothing and allowed this epidemic to spread statewide. California taxpayers have been shoved to the back, when they voted for Proposition 176--eliminating benefits to illegal families. The schools system has slowly deteriorated to the bottom rungs of performance with crammed classes of illegal immigrant children and the inability of teachers to offer a decent education to the offspring of American parents. In the last decade the prison system has been the place of last resort, for the rising crime rate of illegal immigrants from across the globe. Border state hospitals including California are overrun by illegal alien families who cannot afford to pay, leaving the bill for the taxpayers to collect the tab.

Go to numbersusa.com to learn the ropes. Don't forget to call your Senator or Representative at 202-224-3121. Don't forget to give your state incumbent lawmaker an ultimatum; NO RE-ELECTION VOTE. We are a sympathetic people, but Americans must come first and any lawmaker who represents the illegal immigrant, must be kicked out of office. This is not mean-spirited, this is survival of our nation, our flag and our language. American jobs for American people. Learn about the rampant corruption at Judicialwatch.org. OVERPOPULATION is another hidden issue, that will cause major environmental problems by 2040.

No copyright for comments, blogs or articles. Distribute it to the people. copy and paste. 

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Suspend immigration enforcement

Over 200 organizations appeal to President Obama and the Department of Homeland Security to Suspend Immigration Enforcement Activities for Census 2010

Encouraging hard-to-count populations to participate in the Census means reducing the climate of fear and distrust in immigrant communities

Oakland, CA: As Census 2010 gears up to count all residents in the United States, immigrants are at risk of being undercounted due to the climate of fear and distrust stemming from immigration raids and other enforcement actions. With Census forms due to arrive in all households in the coming week, more than 200 concerned organizations nationwide have joined with the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights to ask President Obama and Secretary Janet Napolitano to halt enforcement activities for the Census.  Not only are many immigrants not familiar with the Census, but many households will be reluctant to return their Census forms or talk with outreach workers for fear of detection if they or someone in their home is undocumented.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Thousands march for Education in California

By Duane Campbell
Over  2000  union faculty, students and their supporters rallied at the California State Capitol in Sacramento on March 4,2010,  in support of adequate funding for public education , both k-12 and higher education.  The rally was one of more than 40 events across the state asking people to Stand up for Education.  Faculty and students came from U.C. Davis, Santa Cruz, and Berkeley, as well as CSU Sacramento, Chico, and  community colleges.  Rallies  and protests also occurred on other CSU,U.C.  and community colleges across the state.
George Lakoff,  well known  for his works on framing issues argued for signing petitions for the  California Democracy Act which would reduce the requirement to pass a state budget from the current 2/3 vote to a simple majority.
Lakoff asserted that the  demonstrations will mean little unless the California Democracy Act gets on the ballot by April 12 and passes in the November election. That is the only way that revenue can be raised to fund California's needs, including education. Lakoff criticized leaders of the California Democratic Party for not getting enthusiastically behind the initiative.
The California Democracy Act is simple. It changes just two words in the Constitution: "two-thirds" becomes "a majority" in two places. That's all. The initiative is one sentence long: "All legislative action on revenue and budget must be determined by a majority vote." It's simple democracy. And because it is a ballot initiative, a simple majority can bring democracy by eliminating the two-thirds vote requirements. The initiative has until April 12 to gather over 600,000 signatures of registered voters.  At present the campaign is far behind the required number of signatures.    Lakoff argued that an on-line campaign which would  ‘go viral” was needed to push the initiative over the required signatures.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March 4, Stand up for Education

March 4, 2010.
Rally for Education


Students and Faculty, will march to demand a decent budget for California’s schools and universities. Protests will occur around the state, at universities and work sites at the Capitol in Sacramento. Please join us.

The campaign for majority rule has a new web site.

http://www.ca4democracy.com/ Help us with signature gathering.

In the last two years California’s k-12 schools have received over a $16 Billion cut back. California presently ranks 45th of the states in per pupil spending and last among the states in class size. Now, the Governor proposes to reduce k-12 spending by another $2.4 Billion. The U.C’s and the CSU campuses have suffered over a $2 billion cut while tuition and fees were increased over 30%. Classes have been cut, graduation delayed, and faculty dismissed. They must not be cut more. We must work together to save public education.