Saturday, September 29, 2018

America Divided: Episode 3 - America Ferrera and Family I EPIX

Migrant children being moved to camp in Texas

Menores indocumentados no acompañados son transportados a un campamento de carpas en Texas

UNIVISION30 SEP 2018 – 6:47 PM EDT

Friday, September 28, 2018

#MeToo with Women in the Dairy Industry

Trump's Internment Camps

First, Donald Trump separated families at our border and detained legal asylum seekers without cause. 

Then, he ordered children to be locked in cages and kept them away from their families for months, to the point where some didn't even recognize their parents. 

Now, he's creating a "family jail" to detain children and parents together -- indefinitely. We've done that in America before; we called them "internment camps." Wrong then, wrong now. 

Kids belong in schools, in homes, on playgrounds -- not behind bars and barbed wire. 

Stand with Senator Jeff Merkley. Sign the petition: NO family jails in America EVER. 

Kevin de Léon on Immigration Reform


With a firm understanding of the contributions of the undocumented community to California’s culture and economy, Kevin has led the fight against President Trump’s direct attacks on our immigrant communities. He believes it’s time for Washington, D.C. to act on immigration reforms that provide a path to citizenship, reduce immigration court backlogs, and clear out overcrowded detention centers. Kevin has been a strong advocate for immigrant families ever since he got his start as a community organizer because he knows California’s diversity is its greatest strength.

See Kevin de Leon's positions on many issues.

ICE Increases Arrests

HUNDREDS OF ICE ARRESTS: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced hundreds of arrests in recent days. Here's a snapshot:
Tuesday: 83 arrested over a four-day period in Wisconsin
Wednesday: 150 arrested over a three-day period in the Los Angeles area
Wednesday: 98 arrested over a 10-day period in Texas and Oklahoma
Thursday: 105 arrested in Michigan and Ohio over a 10-day period
The arrests could be an effort to increase removal numbers before the close of the fiscal year, John Sandweg, an acting ICE director during the Obama administration, told Morning Shift. Despite Trump's intense focus on immigration, removal numbers in fiscal year 2017 remained far below the levels under Obama. For example, ICE removed roughly 226,000 people in fiscal 2017. Compare that to nearly 410,000 at peak levels of the Obama administration.
ICE is on pace for roughly 255,000 arrests this year based on figures through the first three quarters of fiscal 2018. That would be higher than the last few years, but still far below most annual Obama totals. Sandweg argues that much of that is out of the administration's control: the immigration courts continue to be a chokepoint that slow removals and many families and children arriving at the border each month seek asylum.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Stand Up for Immigrants- Training

FUEL/CRLAF is hosting a “Train the Trainers” Know Your Rights and Family Emergency Preparedness Assistance training on Thursday September 20th at the Maple Neighborhood Center. This is part of our "train the trainers" community capacity building training series, those who are trained through these workshops will be equipped to deliver this information and presentations on their own at their respective school site and will receive technical assistance from CRLAF/FUEL attorneys if they have questions regarding immigrant rights updates.

Participants must register (RSVP) on Eventbrite.

First Session 9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.  : Know Your Rights Training

This training includes: Updates on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Laws and Policies Addressing Obstacles to Higher Education for Undocumented Students, Other California Legislation, General Immigration Information, and Know Your Rights when encountering Law Enforcement.

Second Session 1:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m.  : Family Emergency Preparedness Assistance Training

This training includes: Information and template documents that can be utilized for parents seeking to create emergency plans for their children in the event they are deported. While it is our hope that you never have to use the plan, it is important to have one in place to reduce the stress of the unexpected. You will be trained to assist with making a child care plan, update emergency numbers, filling out a Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit, and Travel with a Minor document.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Detention of Migrant Children Has Skyrocketed to Highest Levels Ever - The New York Times

Detention of Migrant Children Has Skyrocketed to Highest Levels Ever - The New York Times

Unite to Defeat Trump and His Enablers

The critical issue for this election is to defeat Donald Trump and his enablers. 
·      He has magnified racial prejudice to win tax cuts for the wealthy, to assault labor unions, and to reverse efforts to halt climate destruction. 
·       He has collaborated with the Russians while cutting health care for the poor in the U.S.  
·      We must stop him now before he and his enablers can further consolidate power.  
·      The available way to stop him is to Vote to win control of the U.S. Congress in the 2018 election.  

Trump’s Racially Divisive Politics Must Be Exposed and Opposed !
The intolerant campaign  promoted by Donald Trump and supported  by the Republican Party is a call to the “silent white majority” and a demand that 11 million immigrants be deported.  This campaign promotes a dangerous and divisive racial message.  It must be vigorously opposed.

 Donald Trump is a serial liar, he  regularly incites political violence and he  is a  rampant xenophoberacist, and  misogynist. He has sought to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S. He promises to build a wall on the border that would cost at least $35 billion to build, and billions each year to maintain.  And, it would not work. 
Trump has an overly cynical and conspiratorial view of immigration: calling for  building  walls, breaking up families,  and deporting people.  This fear mongering political message has found a very receptive base within our society among xenophobic and angry conservative older voters.

This campaign is dangerous.  It mobilizes right-wing  anti immigrant forces. Trump’s campaign is not just racism- it is a strategy to magnify racism to win the election – and we must defeat it.  He is promoting an anti Mexican, anti immigrant, anti Muslim agenda. This is more than the ranting of a fringe right. He is mainstreaming racism. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sept.11, 1973 Salvador Allende

My friends,
Surely this will be the last opportunity for me to address you. The Air Force has bombed the towers of Radio Portales and Radio Corporación.
My words do not have bitterness but disappointment. May they be a moral punishment for those who have betrayed their oath: soldiers of Chile, titular commanders in chief, Admiral Merino, who has designated himself commander of the Navy, and Mr Mendoza, the despicable general who only yesterday pledged his fidelity and loyalty to the government, and who also has appointed himself chief of the Carabineros [national police].
Given these facts, the only thing left for me is to say to workers: I am not going to resign!
Placed in a historic transition, I will pay for loyalty to the people with my life. And I say to them that I am certain that the seed which we have planted in the good conscience of thousands and thousands of Chileans will not be shriveled forever. They have strength and will be able to dominate us, but social processes can be arrested neither by crime nor force. History is ours, and people make history.
Workers of my country: I want to thank you for the loyalty that you always had, the confidence that you deposited in a man who was only an interpreter of great yearnings for justice, who gave his word that he would respect the constitution and the law and did just that. At this definitive moment, the last moment when I can address you, I wish you to take advantage of the lesson: foreign capital, imperialism, together with the reaction, created the climate in which the armed forces broke their tradition, the tradition taught by General Schneider and reaffirmed by Commander Araya, victims of the same social sector which will today be in their homes hoping, with foreign assistance, to retake power to continue defending their profits and their privileges.
Chilean Military Carry Out the Body of Assassinated Salvador Allende
(Editor's note. This is what fascism looks like).

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Mi Familia Vota

'Mi familia vota', la campaña que busca aumentar el voto latino en las elecciones de medio término

Encuéntralo en este enlace:

Thursday, September 06, 2018

The Border: Photo Exhibit


The Border, the Work and the Fight for Justice /
La Frontera, el Trabajo y la Lucha para la Justicia

Photographs by David Bacon
documenting the people and social movements of the border
Fotografias por David Bacon
documentando la gente y los movimientos de la frontera

The Union Hall Gallery
2126 K Street, Sacramento, CA
10A-4P, Mon/Lunes - Fri/Viernes
Reception/recepcion, Sat/Sabado, 9/8/18, 6-9P

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

DACA Can Still Be Renewed

U.S. District Court in Texas Denies Texas Request to Stop DACA Renewals


AUGUST 31, 2018
On August 31, 2018, Judge Andrew Hanen of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas issued an opinion and order rejecting Texas and nine other states’ request that the court temporarily halt Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) renewals.
In Texas v. Nielsen, Texas and the other states challenged the lawfulness of the DACA program itself. New Jersey and 22 DACA recipients represented by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) intervened to defend the DACA program. Judge Hanen is the same judge who previously halted the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) and expanded DACA programs in 2015.
Separately, cases that were brought in U.S. district courts in California, New York, Maryland, and DC have challenged the lawfulness of the rescission of the DACA program. These cases have resulted in three injunctions requiring the government to continue accepting DACA renewal applications.

What does the order issued on August 31 say?

In deciding not to halt the DACA program while the case winds its way through the court process, Judge Hanen addressed several issues. He found that Texas and other states were likely to succeed in their argument that DACA was created unlawfully. Nevertheless, he ultimately decided not to halt the DACA program now because he found that Texas and other states delayed challenging the DACA program for years — the program has been in place since 2012 — and he recognized that halting the program would immediately harm DACA recipients, who would lose their protection from being deported and their employment eligibility.
The opinion reasons that the injunctions issued by other courts requiring the government to continue accepting DACA renewals are intended to maintain the status quo and that suddenly halting the program would upset it. Over the last six years, DACA recipients have come to rely on the benefits of the DACA program. In Judge Hanen’s words, “the egg has been scrambled” and “[t]o try to put it back in the shell with only a preliminary injunction record, and perhaps at a great risk to many, does not make sense nor serve the best interests of this country.”
Judge Hanen also certified his opinion for appeal, and Texas and other states are likely to appeal the decision. An appeal would go first to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, then possibly to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The bottom line: USCIS is still accepting and processing DACA renewal applications

As a result of the nationwide injunctions issued in the U.S. District Courts for the Northern District of California, the Eastern District of New York, and the District of Columbia, along with the refusal by the court in the Southern District of Texas to halt the program, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is still required to accept, and is currently processing, DACA renewal applications from people who have previously received deferred action and work permits through DACA.
For more information on how you can apply for DACA renewal, see our Frequently Asked Questions: USCIS Is Accepting DACA Renewal Applications.

The July 26 deadline for reunification of all children forcibly separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border has come and gone. Once again the Trump administration has shown its willingness—nay, eagerness—to sow discord and disruption in the fabric of daily life with utter disregard for real life and death consequences.
Call the US Capitol Switchboard at (202)-224-3121, and they will connect you to your Senators and Representative. Ask to speak to (or leave a voicemail for) the staffer working on Immigration issues. Say you’re their constituent and you expect them to cosponsor and work to pass legislation to abolish ICE (the Immigration Control Enforcement agency), end Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policyand, enact humane, fair, and effective immigration policies.

Tell Congress: Pass DACA, Abolish ICE, End Deportations

Last week only 14 immigrant children were reunited with their parents, bringing the total number of forcibly separated children still in government custody to 497, including 22 children under age 5, some of whose parents were deported without them. The appalling lack of progress on family reunification is exacerbated by the government’s sloppy record-keeping and rush to deport parents without their children.
Let’s be very clear—these separations are emotionally traumatic and can result in long-term psychological damage to the separated children as well as their parents. An immigrant father committed suicide in detention after being forcibly separated from his family. In August an 18-month-old infant died of a respiratory infection contracted and inadequately treated while in Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention, according to a lawsuit filed by her grieving mother.

A federal judge ordered the Trump administration to resume the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program—the administration is resisting the order. Asylum requests based on domestic and gang violence continue to be denied. Immigrants who join the military with the expectation of an expedited citizenship path at the conclusion of their service are being terminated without an opportunity to apply for citizenship. Now the Trump administration is revoking passports of U.S. citizens born near the southern border if their mothers used midwife services rather than hospitals.