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El Paso Responds to Migrant Crisis - Congress Not


Migrants in El Paso face uncertainty after Supreme Court allows Title 42 to remain in effect amid legal challenges

By Leyla SantiagoRosa Flores and Elizabeth Wolfe, CNN

The future for migrants waiting in El Paso, Texas, after crossing the US-Mexico border remains uncertain following the Supreme Court’s Wednesday decision that allows federal officials to continue expelling migrants before they have received an asylum hearing.

“We were hoping for something else,” said Rosanni Rodríguez, a Venezuelan migrant, when told of the court decision.

Rodriguez huddled with her two children on a chilly El Paso sidewalk on Tuesday, wearing a jacket provided by a local church. She and her children attempted to cross into the US once already, but were sent back to Mexico, where they were robbed and picked up by immigration officials as they slept on the ground of a city plaza, she said.Rodríguez is among the tens of thousands of migrants who have surged to the southern border despite the uncertain future of Title 42, a Trump-era policy which allows US authorities to swiftly return most migrants back across the border.

The controversial order was set to end December 21 but remains in legal limbo after the Supreme Court issued an order Wednesday allowing the policy to remain in effect while legal challenges play out – a process that could stretch out for at least several months.

“They won’t give us the opportunity to be able to cross legally,” said Rodríguez. “That’s what we wanted – to be able to cross legally – but you can’t.”

Several Republican-led states urged the Supreme Court to step in and block a lower court’s decision to terminate the policy. In addition to placing the order’s termination on hold, the court said it would take up the state’s appeal in its upcoming term, which begins in February.

Title 42 was put in place by the Center for Disease Control in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. Officials at the time argued the public health order was intended to curb the spread of Covid-19, but immigration advocates argue the policy is being used to effectively halt immigration at the US-Mexico border.

Dylan Corbett, the executive director of Hope Border Institute that assists with running some of El Paso’s shelters, warned Tuesday that he expects the Supreme Court decision “will extend the bottleneck at the border, create unsustainable pressure on border enforcement and lead to more deaths.”

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Supreme Court Republican Judges Leave Title 42 in Place

 Migrant Expulsion Policy Must Stay in Place for Now, Supreme Court Says. NYT.

The temporary stay in lifting the pandemic rule known as Title 42 is a provisional victory for 19 states, led mostly by Republicans, that had sought to keep it in place on the border.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court said on Tuesday that a pandemic-era health measure that restricted migration at the southern border would remain in place for the time being, delaying the potential for a huge increase in unlawful crossings.

In a brief unsigned order, the justices halted a trial judge’s ruling that would have lifted the measure, known as Title 42, which has allowed even migrants who might otherwise qualify for asylum to be swiftly expelled at the border.

The court said that it would hear arguments in the case in February and that the stay would remain in place pending a ruling. The justices said they would address only the question of whether the 19 mainly Republican-led states that had sought the stay could pursue their challenge to the measure.

Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Neil M. Gorsuch and Ketanji Brown Jackson dissented.

The White House indicated that it would comply with the Supreme Court’s order and prepare for its review. “At the same time, we are advancing our preparations to manage the border in a secure, orderly and humane way when Title 42 eventually lifts and will continue expanding legal pathways for immigration,” Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, said. 

Note: Title 42 was established because the Trump Administration said there was a health crisis at the border. Covid. 



Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Migrants, Humans in Need.

Migrant children in El Paso, Texas. 

Migrants in El Paso: Humans in Need, Not an invasion 

On this December 18, International Migrants Day we recommit our efforts to amplify the voices of those seeking refuge and asylum at our borders and redouble our support to those human rights defenders at the U.S.-Mexico border. From the editors

Over the weekend (December 9,10) the El Paso Sector experienced a major surge in illegal crossings, with a 3-day average of 2,460 daily encounters, primarily through the downtown area of El Paso. CNN


Sunday, December 18, 2022

The Crisis on the Southern Border


On International Migrants' Day, NNIRR calls for immediate humanitarian assistance and human rights commitments to the increasing number of migrants and asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border.

Dear Duane:

El Paso, Texas. As we commemorate International Migrants' Day today, the El Paso border region is immersed in a humanitarian and protection crisis. Thousands of migrants and asylum-seekers are arriving each day in the Paso del Norte region in search of safety, escaping from economic and political violence, and seeking to reunite with their families. They are primarily from Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Ecuador – countries that have been beset by recurring social and economic disasters.

With the Covid-era Title 42 set to end in a few days, we urge the Biden Administration to reinstate real commitments and guarantee the right to seek asylum at the border. This must include infusing resources to support refugees, asylum-seekers, trafficked persons, and other migrants in vulnerable situations. We must ensure immediate access to food, shelter, healthcare, and other life-saving services. 

Since last week, migrants have converged under the Santa Fe bridge connecting Ciudad Juarez with El Paso, Texas.  They are dangerously crossing freeways and waiting in long lines, in severe weather conditions, to turn themselves over to Border Patrol officers. Shelters are at capacity, and people are being released onto the streets without sweaters, blankets, or identifications. Most urgently, they need food and water, warm clothing, information, and resources to cover vital expenses such as paying for safe places to sleep.

In the face of this crisis, the Texas Governor has announced that his administration will begin targeting the El Paso community organizations that provide humanitarian aid like shelter, food, and legal services –essentially persecuting those helping to facilitate compliance with international human rights obligations. These attempts to “criminalize” and intimidate local organizations and undermine their humanitarian efforts are part of a cynical part of his strategy to enforce more restrictive border policies and normalize dangerous and xenophobic narratives that threaten human rights activism in the United States. All at the cost of the lives of migrants, asylum seekers, and their families. 

We need immediate action at multiple levels – not promises that can be bureaucratically tied up for weeks and months. We urge the Biden Administration to delay no further and to work with city officials, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders to put in place  supports for safe, orderly, and dignified reception of migrants and asylum seekers that includes the following:

  • Set up offices for processing claims in the main ports of entry to guarantee orderly and efficient access to asylum procedures and the principle of non-refoulment.
  • Create a photo ID for provisional documentation that confirms and acknowledges the individual’s intent to seek asylum in the US while their case is pending.
  • Coordinate with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to assist with reception and referral procedures.
  • Ensure immediate rights-based and gender-sensitive access to medical care.
  • Ensure protection from retribution for civil society organizations and human rights defenders who assist migrants in distress, providing shelter, aid, food,  water, and other assistance. 

Finally, it is time to take a holistic approach to migration by creating pathways for regular migration. Long-term and rights-respecting options for migration are urgently needed to address the adverse drivers of migration and prevent more tragedies for people on the move.  

Please support our response efforts on the ground. Donate to NNIRR here.

We need your support and solidarity more than ever.


TWEET STORM for #InternationalMigrantsDay

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Suggested tweets:

This #InternationalMigrantsDay, we remember the migrants who’ve perished in search of safety and a better future. To prevent more deaths, I’m urging @POTUS to make asylum accessible and safe for all people. #RestoreAsylumNow #4RightsatBorders

On #InternationalMigrantsDay, we remind @POTUS of his domestic and international obligations to protect the human rights of all children and guarantee due process within the immigration system. It’s time #4RightsatBorders and to ##StandUp4Migrants

On #InternationalMigrantsDay, we’re calling on @POTUS to protect the rights of Indigenous, Black, and all migrants at the border. #RestoreAsylumNow #StandUp4Migrants


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Every contribution makes a difference. We are deeply grateful for your solidarity and partnership.

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Thursday, December 08, 2022

Farm workers need legal status NOW.


Congress: Farm workers need legal status NOW

Farm workers across America are pushing Congress togive farm workers legal status before the end of the year. Farm workers have proven themselves essential to America's communities, economy and food supply over and over again - putting their lives at risk to keep America fed. 

Giving the farm workers who feed us the legal status they have earned is crucial to America's food security. Given the result of the midterms, this lame duck session is the last shot to get something done for farm workers before the House of Representatives falls into Republican hands. We need Congress to pass the Farm Workforce Modernization Act NOW.  

The week before Thanksgiving, 19-year Mairi, a farm worker from Delano, California, came to Washington D.C. to ask Congress to act. Her parents, also farm workers, are undocumented and need Congress to pass legislation before the end of the year. Below is some of what Mairi told Members of Congress during her first trip to our nation's capital. 

"I've been working in the fields since I was 12 years old," said Mairi. "Undocumented farm workers live with constant fear of being separated from their families. A few years ago, my neighbors were on their way to work when they were followed by ICE. They were scared of being separated from their family, so they drove away and ended up crashing and passing away. They left 6 kids behind, the youngest being 6 years old." 

Mairi is referring to the 2018 deaths of two farm workers - Santos Hilario Garcia and Marcelina Garcia Profecto  - who were killed during a high-speed pursuit by ICE agents after dropping their teenage daughter off at school. As long as farm workers live without legal status, they will be vulnerable to exploitation and intimidation on the job - and tragedies like the deaths of Mairi's neighbors will continue. Congress must act before it's too late. "Farm workers deserve to be legalized," said Mairi. "They are essential workers who deserve to be recognized."  

Please join the UFW in telling Congress that farm workers deserve legal status. We need our friends and allies across the nation to be ready to help us get the Farm Workforce Modernization Act across the finish line. Can we count on you? Sign the pledge today.


Monday, November 21, 2022

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Migrant Shelters in Mexico Need Assistance

 Please support our Migrant Emergency Fund!

Right now, migrant shelters across Mexico are at capacity and on the verge of collapse. Under a new legal provision by the Biden administration, tens-of-thousands of asylum seekers are being rejected from the United States and sent back to Mexico.

In response to the Republican governors' cruel political stunt of bussing and even flying thousands of asylum seekers from southern states to sanctuary cities across the country, the Biden administration announced a new migration enforcement process. This has once again forced tens-of-thousands of migrants back to Mexico.

The Mexico government has accepted these migrants, but is not offering them any support. Migrants and their families are urgently depending on shelters for their basic needs: meals, a safe place to sleep, and medical care.

Migrant shelters in Mexico do not receive funding from the Mexican government and are run entirely by civil society. Because of this, their resources are limited and they depend on the support of volunteers and the generosity of the international community.

Global Exchange members, partners and allies have helped raised over $40,000 in the past year to support shelters during hard times in Mexico.

It’s time to stand up in support of migrant families searching for a new life away from violence, poverty and displacement. Please join us in supporting shelters, who are doing their best to deal with the consequences of the crises in Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia and Venezuela. 

Please support our Migrant Emergency Fund now and help migrant shelters in Mexico deal with the latest crisis caused by the new U.S. migration enforcement policies.

In Solidarity and Action 

Marco Castillo
Director of the Bi-National Program and
Co-Executive Director

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Latino Voting-- Votar es Poder !


Friday, November 5, 2022 

Hispanic / Latino Community Organizations Unite to EncourageLatinos in the Greater Sacramento Region to Vote this November 8th

 Sacramento, CA – Hispanic / Latino Community Leaders and Community Organizations throughout the Greater Sacramento Region who serve this often-ignored community are calling for all Latinos to let their voices be heard during the upcoming elections next Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Only 27% of Latino registered voters turned out to vote during the primary elections that’s 12% below Sacramento’s County average for all registered voters. That’s why, many local Latino/Hispanic organizations representing various points of view in the community with a legacy of advocacy and representation for Latinos in the region are uniting to plead with all who identify as Latinos to cast their vote in person or by mail.

“We need to end the myth that Latinos/as are unaware or indifferent to the importance of our vote. It’s time that we utilize this critical tool to amplify our voice. Latinos/as are no longer a sleeping giant. Let’s get loud. Vote,” states Cathy Rodriguez Aguirre, President/CEO of the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

As the nation’s largest minority group, the Latino community can play a key role in elections.

“We must vote for experienced leaders who can address issues like economic growth, job creation, education, voting rights, health care accessibility, language access, transparency, discrimination, and social justice,” states Marty Puentes, President of LULAC.

Our participation is necessary to safeguard the vulnerable portions of our society. But this can only happen if everyone turns out to vote this Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Regardless of party affiliation, the entire community must galvanize the electorate and vote.

“The power within the Latino community can be most effective at the ballot box. We must use our vote as our voice… without our participation in this election, our voice will not be heard,” states Alexis R. Arriaga, President of United Latinos Promoviendo Accion Civica.

¡Comunidad! The future is in your hands – VOTE ON TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2022.

In Unity,

La Familia Counseling CenterLatino Economic CouncilSacramento Hispanic Chamber of CommerceCien AmigosLatino Center of Art and CultureBrown IssuesUnited Latinos of SacramentoBenito Juarez AssociationLULAC – League of United Latin American CitizensLatino Coalition for a Healthy CATeatro NagualBridge Network Corporation




Para Difusión InmediataSábado 5 de noviembre de 2022

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Elections: Which Side are you on ?


We’re one week out from this election, and it comes down to recognizing who is on our side. Ask yourself: Who are the candidates trying to solve problems, and who are the ones just trying to stoke fear and division? Who supports public education, and who is trying to ban books and engage in culture wars? Who is protecting freedoms like a women’s right to reproductive health, and who is undermining our democracy? 

Check out the GOP plan for the economy. They want to:

  • Raise prescription drug costs.
  • Increase healthcare premiums.
  • Cut Medicare and Social Security benefits.
  • Cancel student loan forgiveness.
  • Drive up inflation and the deficit by cutting taxes for the rich.

Look how well that worked for the last U.K. prime minister.

The AFT has endorsed the problem-solvers—the lawmakers and candidates who are working to solve the problems that keep us up at night: inflation, the costs of prescription drugs and gas, the struggle for a better life, potential cuts to Social Security and Medicare, global climate change, the need to strengthen public education, and threats to and our freedoms and our democracy.

On the other side, we have the problem-makers—the lawmakers who use anger and fear to divide people and want to slash Social Security and Medicare, roll back freedoms, allow Big Oil to gouge us at the pump and Big Pharma to gouge us at the pharmacy, and stop student debt forgiveness. Their answer to everything seems to be to cut taxes for the rich. 

Everything is on the ballot this year. Thank you.

In unity,
Randi Weingarten
AFT President

Monday, October 31, 2022

Choosing Democracy: We have a lot to learn from Brazil/Lula

Choosing Democracy: We have a lot to learn from Brazil/Lula:   Kuttner on TAP What Brazil Teaches America Actually delivering for working people matters. It also matters whether elites support democrat...

Sunday, October 30, 2022

U.S. Pressuring New Left-Wing Honduras Government

U.S. Pressuring New Left-Wing Honduras Government: After the Honduran government fulfilled a campaign promise by moving to end an extreme form of special economic zone, two U.S. senators threatened to withdraw foreign aid to the country.

Sanders Campaigns in Texas


In the last 24 hours, Bernie Sanders and I have rallied voters across three cities and covered 300 miles of Texas together. We set out to inspire people in Austin, San Marcos, and McAllen to flip key seats for progress.

Bernie Sanders and Greg Casar hold hands, raising their arms in the air

A diverse crowd cheers on Bernie and Greg

Greg and Michelle Vallejo pose for a photo

Duane, in this election, the stakes couldn’t be higher. We aren’t slowing down between now and Election Day.

That is why our team has set an emergency $3,000 in grassroots donation goal before midnight tomorrow.

Will you please make a $50.00 donation to help us get out the vote and elect progressives across Texas in these final days? If we make progress in Texas, we change the country.

When we talk about high stakes, this is what we mean:

We can save millions of peoples’ jobs, and homes, and lives if we tackle the climate crisis.

We can save our democracy for millions of people, if we guarantee voting rights and prevent another January 6th insurrection.

We can make it so our students no longer have to fear weapons of war in our schools, if we take on the NRA.

Monday, October 24, 2022

The Mis representation of the issues in the Los Angeles Council Conflict


Jorge H Rodriguez 
October 22, 2022
Stansbury Forum

If you know the history of most of the individuals in the conflict, you know that something is missing from the story,

See who they are.  Then, ask, who benefits from this division ? And, why is the issue of Latino under representation in Los Angeles City Council not the topic of discussion ?

Cost of Living, Housing and Inflation are Top Issues

NEW POLL: Cost of Living, Inflation, and Housing Top Issues for California Latinos Ahead of 2022 Midterm Elections

Yet, voter engagement still alarmingly low less than three weeks from Election Day

SAN FRANCISCO--()--The Latino Community Foundation announced the results of their second California statewide poll of Latino voters ahead of the 2022 Midterm Elections. California’s Latino voters, the second largest voting bloc in the state, can potentially decide the balance of power in Congress. Yet, outreach to them is dismally low and 31% say they are still undecided.

“Latino voters demonstrate a strong commitment to progressive policy issues. Yet, there is such a low level of engagement of these crucial voters by candidates, with only 29% of Latino voters saying they have been contacted and asked to vote”

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“Latino voters demonstrate a strong commitment to progressive policy issues. Yet, there is such a low level of engagement of these crucial voters by candidates, with only 29% of Latino voters saying they have been contacted and asked to vote,” said Jacqueline Martinez Garcel, CEO of the Latino Community Foundation. “Our democracy is stronger when voters are engaged in every election. Especially considering that Latino voters can determine the balance of power in Congress at a moment in time when we are facing one of the worst inflations in decades and we are still trying to heal and rebuild from the COVID pandemic.”

According to Matt Barreto, co-founder of BSP Research and Professor of Political Science at UCLA, “Two-thirds of Latino registered voters in California say they are certain to vote, but 31% say they are on the fence and not yet certain. If campaigns want to see massive Latino turnout, they need to engage heavily to get out the vote in the final weeks. Over half of California Latinos say they will vote early using a mail ballot and 19% say they will vote early in-person. That leaves just 29% of Latinos who plan to vote on Election Day. Get out the vote starts now.”

The Poll also found:

  • 73% said inflation and jobs and the economy are their top concern;
  • 80% of Latinos say the cost of living is going up faster than they can keep up, yet Latino voters in California are more likely to say they are optimistic that things are getting better;
  • Latinos in California give Democratic candidates a large margin of 58% to 20% for Republicans in the election for U.S. House, unlike national polls that suggest Republicans are making in-roads with Latinos;
  • 57% of Latino voters said they had heard or read little to nothing about the Inflation Reduction Act, demonstrating a steep disconnect between policies they overwhelming support and a missed opportunity for the Administration to build goodwill on this historic passed legislation.

Click to download toplines and crosstabs of the poll.

The Latino Community Foundation commissioned the statewide poll of California’s Latino Voters from BSP Research. They surveyed 1,200 Latino registered voters across California for a margin-of-error of +/- 2.8%. The poll was conducted on-line and by phone in English and Spanish at the discretion of the respondent. Interviews were conducted between September 26, 2022 – October 5, 2022.

"This poll represents a unique deep-dive into the California Latino electorate with one of the largest and bilingual sample of Latino voters from across the entire state,” says Gary Segura, President of BSP Research. “The findings clearly show Latinos expect their elected officials to deliver on climate change, affordable housing, immigrant rights and much more. However, the poll also shows that more outreach needs to be done by individual candidates to connect with and convince Latino voters. From ballot measures to the U.S. Congress, Latino voters can be the difference makers, but only if candidates reach out and engage the Latino community."

About the Latino Community Foundation

The Latino Community Foundation is on a mission to unleash the civic and economic power of Latinos in California. LCF has the largest network of Latino philanthropists in the country and has invested $20 million to build Latino civic and political power and leadership in the state. It is the only statewide foundation solely focused on investing in Latino youth and families in California. For more info, please visit:

About BSP Research

BSP Research is a Latino-owned polling, research and analytics firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and directed by four PhD-holding political scientists.



Saturday, October 22, 2022

Statement by LULAC National Board.

  818 689-9991 



 Leaders of Nation's Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Climax  Historic Meeting With Call for Unity and Commitment to the Mission of LULAC 

Dallas, TX 


 Leaders of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) issued a statement following a two-day national board meeting pledging to members, corporate partners, and community allies to stay focused on the organization's mission of serving the 66 million Latinos in the United States and Puerto Rico. "We want to report that we have come out united, committed, and stronger than ever with one voice that includes elected LULAC representatives from all corners of the country," said Domingo Garcia, LULAC National President. 

Meanwhile, a counterfeit rogue group is waging a misinformation campaign, including saying that former LULAC National President Roger Rocha is the LULAC National Institute (LNI) chairman. His reply is swift and straightforward: 

"Fellow LULAC members and friends, I was notified this afternoon that I was elected the Chair of the LULAC National Institute (LNI); however, the position I hold within the LNI is its Vice Chairman. There is only one LULAC National Institute (LNI), and that is the one that is officially recognized by the LULAC National Board (LNO). The Chairman of the LNI is Mr. Domingo Garcia, and as such, the rest of the LNI Board members and I work with him for the betterment of our community." Garcia says the fake claims are being led by a group of five national board officers removed and impeached, with one of the officers expelled from membership in the league. 

The action was taken after considering an array of violations of the organization's constitution. The decision means the individuals cease to be members of the national board. Also, refunding their membership dues ends their participation in the organization. Any future involvement in the league by these individuals requires re-applying for membership and acceptance of their dues by local, state, and national LULAC officials. Impeachment charges against President Garcia were dismissed. 


Ralina Cardona 


 National Vice-President for the Northeast