Monday, November 21, 2022

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Migrant Shelters in Mexico Need Assistance

 Please support our Migrant Emergency Fund!

Right now, migrant shelters across Mexico are at capacity and on the verge of collapse. Under a new legal provision by the Biden administration, tens-of-thousands of asylum seekers are being rejected from the United States and sent back to Mexico.

In response to the Republican governors' cruel political stunt of bussing and even flying thousands of asylum seekers from southern states to sanctuary cities across the country, the Biden administration announced a new migration enforcement process. This has once again forced tens-of-thousands of migrants back to Mexico.

The Mexico government has accepted these migrants, but is not offering them any support. Migrants and their families are urgently depending on shelters for their basic needs: meals, a safe place to sleep, and medical care.

Migrant shelters in Mexico do not receive funding from the Mexican government and are run entirely by civil society. Because of this, their resources are limited and they depend on the support of volunteers and the generosity of the international community.

Global Exchange members, partners and allies have helped raised over $40,000 in the past year to support shelters during hard times in Mexico.

It’s time to stand up in support of migrant families searching for a new life away from violence, poverty and displacement. Please join us in supporting shelters, who are doing their best to deal with the consequences of the crises in Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia and Venezuela. 

Please support our Migrant Emergency Fund now and help migrant shelters in Mexico deal with the latest crisis caused by the new U.S. migration enforcement policies.

In Solidarity and Action 

Marco Castillo
Director of the Bi-National Program and
Co-Executive Director

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Latino Voting-- Votar es Poder !


Friday, November 5, 2022 

Hispanic / Latino Community Organizations Unite to EncourageLatinos in the Greater Sacramento Region to Vote this November 8th

 Sacramento, CA – Hispanic / Latino Community Leaders and Community Organizations throughout the Greater Sacramento Region who serve this often-ignored community are calling for all Latinos to let their voices be heard during the upcoming elections next Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Only 27% of Latino registered voters turned out to vote during the primary elections that’s 12% below Sacramento’s County average for all registered voters. That’s why, many local Latino/Hispanic organizations representing various points of view in the community with a legacy of advocacy and representation for Latinos in the region are uniting to plead with all who identify as Latinos to cast their vote in person or by mail.

“We need to end the myth that Latinos/as are unaware or indifferent to the importance of our vote. It’s time that we utilize this critical tool to amplify our voice. Latinos/as are no longer a sleeping giant. Let’s get loud. Vote,” states Cathy Rodriguez Aguirre, President/CEO of the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

As the nation’s largest minority group, the Latino community can play a key role in elections.

“We must vote for experienced leaders who can address issues like economic growth, job creation, education, voting rights, health care accessibility, language access, transparency, discrimination, and social justice,” states Marty Puentes, President of LULAC.

Our participation is necessary to safeguard the vulnerable portions of our society. But this can only happen if everyone turns out to vote this Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Regardless of party affiliation, the entire community must galvanize the electorate and vote.

“The power within the Latino community can be most effective at the ballot box. We must use our vote as our voice… without our participation in this election, our voice will not be heard,” states Alexis R. Arriaga, President of United Latinos Promoviendo Accion Civica.

¡Comunidad! The future is in your hands – VOTE ON TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2022.

In Unity,

La Familia Counseling CenterLatino Economic CouncilSacramento Hispanic Chamber of CommerceCien AmigosLatino Center of Art and CultureBrown IssuesUnited Latinos of SacramentoBenito Juarez AssociationLULAC – League of United Latin American CitizensLatino Coalition for a Healthy CATeatro NagualBridge Network Corporation




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Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Elections: Which Side are you on ?


We’re one week out from this election, and it comes down to recognizing who is on our side. Ask yourself: Who are the candidates trying to solve problems, and who are the ones just trying to stoke fear and division? Who supports public education, and who is trying to ban books and engage in culture wars? Who is protecting freedoms like a women’s right to reproductive health, and who is undermining our democracy? 

Check out the GOP plan for the economy. They want to:

  • Raise prescription drug costs.
  • Increase healthcare premiums.
  • Cut Medicare and Social Security benefits.
  • Cancel student loan forgiveness.
  • Drive up inflation and the deficit by cutting taxes for the rich.

Look how well that worked for the last U.K. prime minister.

The AFT has endorsed the problem-solvers—the lawmakers and candidates who are working to solve the problems that keep us up at night: inflation, the costs of prescription drugs and gas, the struggle for a better life, potential cuts to Social Security and Medicare, global climate change, the need to strengthen public education, and threats to and our freedoms and our democracy.

On the other side, we have the problem-makers—the lawmakers who use anger and fear to divide people and want to slash Social Security and Medicare, roll back freedoms, allow Big Oil to gouge us at the pump and Big Pharma to gouge us at the pharmacy, and stop student debt forgiveness. Their answer to everything seems to be to cut taxes for the rich. 

Everything is on the ballot this year. Thank you.

In unity,
Randi Weingarten
AFT President