Friday, November 29, 2019

Sanders Releases a Real Immigration Plan !

Sanders on Immigration
By far the most progressive plan of any of the candidates.
Key Points
·       Institute a moratorium on deportations until a thorough audit of past practices and policies is complete.
·       Reinstate and expand DACA and develop a humane policy for those seeking asylum.
·       Completely reshape and reform our immigration enforcement system, including breaking up ICE and CBP and redistributing their functions to their proper authorities.
·       Dismantle cruel and inhumane deportation programs and detention centers and reunite families who have been separated.
·       Live up to our ideals as a nation and welcome refugees and those seeking asylum, including those displaced by climate change.
This country is a nation of immigrants. Other than the native peoples of the Americas, every one of our families came here from somewhere else. Some came by choice, some by necessity, and others in chains. As we have developed as a nation, each of us has contributed to the growth and prosperity of America in our own way. And our nation has been most successful and most true to its ideals when that prosperity has been shared among all of us. In many ways, that is what this campaign is about: building a movement to create an America where everyone shares in the prosperity that they and their ancestors helped create.

Read the plan

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