Monday, August 08, 2016

UFW Seeks Help on Overtime Bill

Tell Assemblyman Cooley. We are waiting.
One month left to pass CA farm worker overtime in 2016

We have just started the critical month for farm worker overtime. Either farm worker overtime will pass in August before the legislative session ends on/before August 31st or that’s it for 2016. Can you help us make this happen?

Today is August 1 and California legislators have just come back from recess and are in their Sacramento offices. Our overtime bill, AB 1066, is in the CA Senate, where it will be heard next by the Senate Appropriations Committee. After that it goes to the full Senate floor and then over to the Assembly floor. The bill must be voted on before the legislative session ends on or before August 31 or CA farm workers -- who perform some of the most physically-demanding jobs -- will continue to be excluded from overtime laws enjoyed by most American workers.

The UFW is determined to change this. Despite the California State Assembly’s failure to pass legislation in June, we will do everything in our power to give the Assembly another chance to right this wrong in August. In June, the bill received a 38-35 vote, three short of the needed 41-vote majority. Fourteen Democrats sided with the Republicans, including six who chose not to vote at all -- when they knew their vote was needed.

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