Sunday, March 22, 2015

Support Ethnic Studies

Thank you!  In 24 hours over 100 people sent emails in support of AB 101. Can we reach 200? If you haven't sent an email yet it's super easy, just click on the orange button below. This Wednesday the Ethnic Studies bill will go before the Assembly Education Committee -- and they need to hear from you as soon as possible:


Please click on the button above, add your name at the bottom of the email, and send. 

We want to send as many emails in support of AB101 as possible before the meeting. If, you would prefer to cut and paste the email yourself, you can get it here:

Please continue to share this email widely with your networks, colleagues, and friends.

Thank you! Together we can do this!


José Lara
Coordinating Committee Member,

This campaign is complementary with our campaign to revise the History/Social Science Framework to include Chicano/Mexican American History.  See blog posts below. 

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