Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Healthcare for the Undocumented _ Sacramento

Our Chance to Restore Healthcare Access to Undocumented Residents!

For nearly two years, a network of community organizations called the Building Healthy Communities collaborative has been working hard to convince Sacramento County to restore access to healthcare services for undocumented residents. The moment to win this campaign will come on March 18th, at 2pm, when the County will hold a workshop exploring the issue of reinstating healthcare access for all Sacramentans. 

County Workshop on Healthcare for the Undocumented:
Wednesday March 18, 2-5pm, 
700 H Street in the County Hearing Room
Join us at the workshop on the 18th from 2-5pm. We'll be distributing T-shirts so the County sees how much the crowd supports healthcare for everyone. We encourage people to stay til the end of the workshop when the public will be invited to give public comment about why you support this issue.

Pre-workshop Summit: Saturday March 14th, 9:30-11:30am 
Ebenezer Christian Center, 6428 MLK Boulevard

On Saturday March 14th at 9:30am we'll be holding a pre-workshop summit on healthcare for the undocumented. This will be a chance to practice testimonies for the workshop, get trained in how County budget decisions work, and hear from local elected officials and other leaders who are supporting us in this work. Location to be announced. We're hoping each BHC member organization can send 1 representative to this training.

Contact Annie Fox (916) 740-9472 or for more information

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