Monday, November 10, 2014

Republicans seek to throw out ballots in Latino heavy district in Arizona

McSally is the Republican running against incumbent Rep. Ron Barber (D-AZ) in Arizona's 2nd Congressional District, one of the tightest races that still hasn't been called. Right now, McSally is leading Barber by a slim margin of 341 votes according to the Arizona Daily Star. But about 9,000 provisional ballots have not been counted yet, according to Tucson Weekly
McSally's lawyers suggested that they could go to court in an effort to stop some of the provisional ballots from being processed. McSally's campaign, in particular, is focused on six precincts in Pima County, five of them happen to be in the 2nd Congressional District, according to the Tucson Sentinel. Notably, Pima County is 35 percent Hispanic or Latino, according to the United States Census Bureau. Five of those Pima County precincts went for President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney in the last presidential election.

It's actually something of a repeat move for McSally. Back in 2012 she filed a motion to stop the election director in Cochise County — also a county with a lot of Latino voters — from counting a number of provisional ballots. 

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