Sunday, November 02, 2014

Make a Plan to Vote

I set myself a big reminder today about voting, and I thought it might help you, too. 
You’re the kind of person who votes, but having a plan makes things easier. Thinking through the little details, so nothing gets between you and the polls on Tuesday, will ensure you cast your ballot.
Every political pundit says this election will come down to one thing: turnout. And turnout is expected to be high this year, so your vote is really going to matter. And don’t forget to make sure your friends and family will support your work and get out to vote as well. 
I’ll be going to the polls early because I have to get into the office and monitor the election returns as they come in. And I’ll be walking to vote, because my polling place is only a few blocks away from my house. 

This election is vital. 
A group of billionaires and Millionaires are trying to buy this election for Tuck.

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