Tuesday, January 22, 2019

DACA Safe- For Now

The Supreme Court just announced they will NOT take up a case on DACA this summer. This means that current DACA recipients can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that our DACA protections will be safe for a few more months.  So, if you have DACA, we recommend you continue to renew, visit RenewMyDACA.com for more information.

We know that DACA’s protections have provided hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth with peace of mind and safety as well as work and educational opportunities. Shamefully, Trump has done everything he can to rip that apart and is playing a cruel game with our lives. As we wait for the Supreme Court to announce whether or not they will take up the case for their session this fall, let’s get this info out!
It is crucial to get this information out to as many DACA recipients as possible  , can you help us share these top 5 things everyone should know?

It’s super important we get this information out ASAP:

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