Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Sending Troops to the Border is an Election Tactic-

Sending the troops is not about the caravan.
It’s about an election.
It’s a culture war being waged by the Trump Administration.
The migrant caravan is 800 miles away from our southern border. These Central American families will literally walk for months with small children in tow. Some humanizing reports are already showing stories of burnout and fatigue among asylum-seekers.

These are families – mothers, daughters, sons, and fathers – who are walking in horrendous conditions, unlikely to reach the border.
The Trump Administration is exploiting the vulnerability of these families as part of his culture war, entirely for political gain.

The reality is, the families are:
  • fleeing violence and lack of economic opportunity
  • traveling to the U.S. to seek asylum, which is legal
  • in no way a national security threat
Despite articles sensationalizing “record migration,” net migration to the U.S. is on the decline and has been since 2005.

And the caravans are nothing new and in no way are a “crisis.” Humanitarian groups have been organizing similar caravans since 2010.

Like the Irish "coffin ships" of before, these caravans are made up of families escaping horrors. They are simply families trying to go through our legal application process for asylum.

This election is going to end, but the fight for the soul of America will continue. And we must continue to fight. 
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