Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Oppose ICE

Yesterday, I joined hundreds of people across the country and took action to expose the cities, schools, and corporations that support ICE’s persecution of my community.
From California to Nebraska to Pennsylvania, ordinary people took to the streets and sent a strong message: anyone who helps ICE in any way is complicit in their inhumane treatment of immigrants. With peaceful actions in over 10 cities and 28 people arrested for exposing this moral crisis, we made it clear: #WeWontBeComplicit any longer.

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Here are some highlights from the ground yesterday:
  • In New York, we put the spotlight on "progressive" tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Salesforce who say they stand with immigrants but have multimillion dollar contracts with ICE. With the support of Science for the People and local partners,  employees, customers, and activists shutdown an Amazon store in downtown Manhattan!
  • Silicon Valley Rising and other groups led a massive protest in Palo Alto against Palantir, the company that provides the tech for ICE’s “mission critical” and directly enables them to target, detain, and deport our community.
  • Students and community members in Boston called out Northeastern University for their $2.7 million research contract and student internship program with ICE. Hundreds of people marched to the president's home and 12 protestors blocked the streets in downtown Boston for hours, showing Northeastern that they will no longer be complicit in ICE's attacks on the immigrant community.
Right now, thousands of people across the country are seeing for the first time the atrocities and human rights abuses that ICE is responsible. As we see escalated attacks from the White House and inaction from Congress, we need to show people that we DO have the power to take on ICE by targeting the institutions that help it function from the bottom up. Click here to share our #WeWontBeComplicit Facebook post and help spread the word.
Thanks so much for your ongoing support and for taking a stand with thousands of people across the country. 
In Solidarity,
Brenda Valladares
Movimiento Cosecha

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