Thursday, April 26, 2018

Republicans Seek to Win by Attacking Immigrants/ Sanctuary

A Matter of Concern 

In the race for U,S. Senate it is quite clear that Diane Feinstein will win the primary and move on to the general election.  The critical question is who will come in second in the primary and move on to the general election in our top two system.

Until yesterday this was not a significant issue.  It looked like Kevin de León was well ahead and would come in second and thus move on to the Fall election contest.  As you may know Kevin de León was the principal author of the California Values Act- or Sanctuary bill.  He has been a leader in defense of immigrant communities.  As Senate pro tem he was also been a leader in favor of a number of issues including passing a bill for Health Care for Alllater blocked in the Assembly, and a progressive budget among a number of issues.
As of April 26 poll by the Institute for Government Studies at U.C. Berkeley, de Leon only leads Republican James P. Bradley  by 1 point, it is a statistical tie.  Bradley is running on an America First campaign.  Bradley if focused on opposing sanctuary legislation and this position is very popular among Republicans and conservatives.  He supports “taking America and California back” and America First. His web page points to the Hispanic population as a cause for alarm, ( they are by far the largest population group by ethnicity). 

The race for second place today is between Kevin de León and James P. Bradley.  The race is significant because the November race will either be between Diane Feinstein’s a moderate Democrat  and the campaign of a right wing provocative Republican, or it will be between Feinstein and Kevin de León a well established, experienced  candidate who has defended immigrants’ rights, jobs  and the multicultural California. 

In the race for Governor the leading Republican candidate is making a similar argument.
John Cox is a businessman and a Republican with a shot, after the June primary, of being one of the two candidates on the November ballot for governor. California Today has been doing occasional question-and-answer sessions with candidates for office. 
This interview, with Mr. Cox, was edited and condensed for clarity. 
Q: How does a Republican win an election in a state like this? 
A: The biggest issue is the sanctuary state. The politicians seem to be favoring criminals over law-abiding citizens. The politicians are ignoring the rule of law in favor of political expediency. The other big issue is the tax burden — the gas tax in particular. They enacted this tax increase using a lot of political games to get it accomplished. 
Q: Does the Republican Party need to expand its appeal to become more competitive here? 
A: I’m a Jack Kemp Republican. I think that’s the kind of Republican we all have to be. Jack would always speak positively about things. I want people to get away from harsh language. 
Having said that, it is absolutely objectionable for people like Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown to say they are not going to adhere to the federal law on immigration. Jerry Brown should not be acting like George Wallace in front of the schoolhouse in Alabama.
From California Online.  The New York Times. 

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