Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ethnic Studies to be required in San Francisco

Ethnic Studies Victory! San Francisco Unified, 3rd District in CA Making it a Graduation Requirement

The San Francisco Unified School District has approved Ethnic Studies as a graduation requirement.  SFUSD is the 3rd district in California, following the wake of El Rancho Unified and LAUSD.
Inspired by Ethnic Studies programs such as Raza Studies in Tucson and their struggle, high school and college students were joined by teachers, researchers, and the general community in this historic victory. 
Follow the legal battle for Raza Studies: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will be hearing Maya Arce v. John Huppenthal on January 2015 .

"Ethnic Studies is a game changer in starting the process of loving ourselves...The more I learn about myself and my history the more open I am about learning your history and who you are, and thus our collective history..." - Ms. Kim-Shree Maufas

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