Tuesday, October 18, 2011

California Republicans propose anti immigrant initiative

Conservative activists have submitted an initiative proposal targeting illegal immigration by imposing limits on financial aid and Medi-Cal benefits while requiring California law enforcement to work with federal immigration officials.
State Attorney General Kamala Harris, who is responsible for preparing ballot language, received the proposal Monday from former state GOP chairman Tirso Del Junco, San Diego Republican Ted Hilton and Concord Republican Bill Siler. Proponents are calling it the "California Taxpayer Protection Act of 2012."
Hilton and Siler pursued a similar measure in 2009 but failed to gather enough signatures.
The proposal would prohibit undocumented immigrants from receiving public financial aid in California, a hot-button topic after Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation this month allowing them to qualify for tuition help in certain circumstances. The initiative also would block driver's licenses -- which California does not issue currently to undocumented immigrants -- and require fingerprinting for Medi-Cal pregnancy services, with fingerprint reports relayed to the federal Department of Homeland Security.
It would also require that law enforcement officials transfer people they arrest to federal custody if those individuals have an "immigration detainer."
The measure can be seen here.
Source. the Sacramento Bee.

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