Monday, January 24, 2011

Stop this deportation

Stop ICE deportation of Jonathan Sánchez
Make a Telephone Call or Fax a Message for Justice!
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First call the San Joaquin County’s Sheriff’s Office and ask to speak with Sheriff Steve Moore (209) 469-4400
  • Just take 1 minute to tell them to free Jonathan Sanchez and uphold his rights and protect his health: (209)  
    CORRECT telephone number for San Joaquin Sheriff’s Office: (209) 468-4400
  • You can also write a short message and fax it to Sheriff Steve Moore. Fax (209) 468-5516

Tell Sheriff Moore’s office:
  • Release Jonathan Sanchez immediately. An ICE deportation could mean a death sentence for Jonathan because he needs constant medical care.
  • Don’t violate Jonathan’s rights; he needs to have access to lawyer.
    • Jonathan was already freed by a juvenile court judge that requested that he provide proof of doing his community service. If you turn him over to ICE, you will be violating his due process rights.
  • By turning Jonathan over to ICE, you will make our communities more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Members of our communities will not report crimes if they fear arrest and deportation.
  • Do the right thing, release Jonathan Sanchez:
    • Uphold Jonathan’s rights and well-being.
    • Ensure community safety.

Second, call ICE offices in Sacramento (916) 491-2869:
  1. Demand ICE release Jonathan Sanchez on humanitarian grounds, ensure he gets legal counsel and defer his deportation.
  2. I will hold ICE accountable for Jonathan’s health and well-being.
  3. If ICE deports him, Jonathan may not be able to get the necessary health treatment and dialysis he needs to live.

If ICE asks for Jonathan Sanchez’s “A” number: A-200869492

SUGGESTION: Speak in a respectful tone and do not react to their defensiveness. They may say something like “You can’t make threats without knowing the facts.” You can say, “We are concerned for his rights and well-being and your office’s actions threaten his health and well-being. You can stop an injustice from happening. Free Jonathan Sanchez.”

On January 17, after the car he was a passenger in was stopped by StocktonCA, police, police arrested Jonathan Sánchez, a DREAM-eligible member of our community, for a prior charge and is now being held in the Sheriff County Jail awaiting transfer to ICE.

Jonathan Sanchez has malfunctioning kidneys and requires dialysis three times a week in order to live. He was denied dialysis treatment during the first four days of his incarceration. The Stockton Sheriff’s Office and ICE have confirmed that he will be transferred to ICE jail in Sacramento. ICE is threatening to deport him immediately on Tuesday, January 25.

He was arrested for a prior charge for which he had already fulfilled by doing community service. After going before a Juvenile Court last week, the judge released Jonathan and asked him to bring proof of having fulfilled his community service. ICE, however, put a hold on him and Sheriffs jailed him without bail at the County jail.

Fearing for his health, Jonathan Sanchez is refusing to sign his deportation orders and terrified for his life if he ends up being deported to Mexico. Your call will make a difference!

** Please send us an email with any communications or other information you get after calling the Sheriff’s and ICE offices. Thanks for taking action! **


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