Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Arizona- In a time of resistance

 Creation in a Time of Resistance
By Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez

Truth is, there is no mystery about Arizona. It’s a ruse. Even a subterfuge. While we fight what appear to be illiterate political troglodytes on the issue of the browning of this nation, this nation continues to devolve into the United States of War. The Tea Party rails against deficit spending but is all thumbs up on permanent war – which not only permits the U.S. military to take lives without the benefit of trials by the thousands anywhere in the world, but it is also the chief cause of our deficit. The Republican Party (Tea Partiers in suits) demands that we cut spending on everything, except for all things military and law enforcement… in other words, to hell with human needs and the needs of the planet and let our permanent wars continue unabated (Hey this a digression upon another digression).

The point is, this war against brown people in Arizona and in this country is actually related to this notion of permanent worldwide war. But we’re not supposed to look at the big picture. We’re only supposed to be able to point out the narrow-mindedness of Arizona legislators and their effort to nullify the 20th century, etc, etc. The idea that more than two dozen states are set to follow Arizona’s lead regarding dealing with “illegal alien invaders” (This new dehumanizing term comes compliments of Daryl Metcalfe, a Republican Pennsylvania state rep.) is actually a mis-analysis. Arizona is not the leader in these politics nor does it constitute an aberration; it actually typifies the history of this country and continent. If you are not certain about this, please read Decade of Betrayal (Rodriguez and Balderrama), Brown Tide Rising (Santa Ana) and Open Veins of Latin America (Galeano).

And yet, while Arizona cannot be ignored, it should be contextualized in relationship between resistance and creation, here in the desert. What is developing in Arizona is a resistance/creation culture. It is awesome and I happen to have front row seats. Resistance by any other name is still reaction. Creation is what is developing, when people act from an axis mundi that does not point to hate, fear or ignorance as its center. The resistance/creation culture that is developing in Arizona is youth-led, the result of having to battle over their/our very humanity and our very existence, but also as a result of an understanding that their/our knowledge and essence is not dependent upon what Western or modern culture permits or outlaws.

In the recent December conference we held at the University of Arizona that examined hate, censorship and forbidden curriculums, many of us witnessed pre-K-12 students and college and university students stand up and speak for themselves. Amidst massive dehumanizing assaults on who they are, they are courageous, determined and resilient. They are clear-headed and tienen Coraje! They are awesome and the continual battles here are producing them on a daily basis.

And thus, it’s time for us to listen to their stories, their experiences, their organizing efforts and their visions. And many indeed are great writers and great story-tellers. Its time to give them the mic.

But I will also do my best to continue to keep you posted on the continuing war here in Arizona. Question is, can I still run?

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