Tuesday, July 20, 2021

People of Color History in DSA

Two comrades in Sacramento have written a four part history of  people of color work in DSA. We congratulate them on their work and recommend it.



At the same time, we must insist that the story of people of color in DSA is not only the story of African American participation. While mentioned in part two of the series, after that the work of the Anti Racism Commission and the Latino Commissions in DSA  disappear.   There needs to be a part five and six at least.  On our blog post  is a supplement to the four part series people of color history. The current  history of DSA as presented by the Sacramento writers  David Roddy and Alyssa De La Rosa  misses this important work. 


On our blog.




Why is this important?

For the 2021 convention resolution # 36 calls for the rebuilding of an effort of Latino Organizing within DSA by chartering a Latino Socialistas Working Group. 


Here is that resolution.


The sections of the resolution explain well why DSA needs a Latino Socialist Working Group.  

Having spent my political career organizing along side the Latino community, and currently doing Immigrants rights work,  I find this resolution very important.  Of course a  Latino  agenda goes far beyond immigration issues,. Please support resolution 36.  


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