Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Latinos Win in Georgia !



We just made history: We pulled off the biggest Latinx voter turnout operation in Georgia history and contacted EVERY Latinx voter in the state!


The polls recently closed, so we don’t yet know the results of the election.But we do know this: When the surprise runoff was announced, we put our heads down and hit the pavement, working with our partners GLAHR Action network to hire 200 organizers and recruit an army of hundreds of volunteers. 


In just 8 weeks, our team broke record after record. We knocked on 321,000 doors, made 276,000 phone calls, and sent 377,000 text messages to get our gente to the polls and build power for our community. 


Thank you to each and every one of you who participated in our phone and text banks, joined our door knocking, or helped amplify our message. Here is a little bit more of what we would like to highlight:


But we still have lots of work to do. So we have an important question: If you are Latinx, Boricua, or Chicanx, will you become a Mijente member today and join the fight for justice and radical change?


As AOC said yesterday: Mijente “no juegan.” And she’s right. We throw down for our gente and run history-making campaigns. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story. 


For example, earlier today, two of our organizers, Julio and Sandra, were asked to stick around at their local polling location to help dozens of Spanish speaking voters who needed assistance casting their ballots because the polling location did not have interpreters. Without Julio and Sandra -- and dozens of other organizers like them across the state -- it’s possible that hundreds or even thousands of our people could be disenfranchised. 


Our victory today is of a lineage of long term, grassroots community organizing by organizations like GLAHR Action Network and Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights who have been on the front lines for human and civil rights for the growing Latinx community in Georgia. 


Victories like the one today will only embolden community members who are everyday discovering their power and potential. 


But we have a lot of work ahead of us. And we’re going to need to work together and organize together to ensure our communities are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Mijente is a national movement of everyday Latinos standing up to the injustices and building safety for our gente. We are organizers, teachers, caretakers, healers, lawyers, council members, and so much more — each of us doing what we can.


Join us by becoming a member today.


En la lucha, 

Tania Unzueta
Political Director


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