Sunday, March 15, 2020

Workers Response to Covid-19

Worker & Migrant Justice Response to the Coronavirus
With the United States already experiencing unprecedented levels of nativism, xenophobia, racial resentment, and dehumanization, we are very concerned the global pandemic, the imminent economic downturn, and the upcoming election will coalesce and create a perfect storm resulting in a full-scale human rights crisis with the potential significant loss of life.
This context only makes more acute the need for comprehensive migrant justice, and it underscores and highlights the urgency of sensible policy proposals presented below. An appropriate national response to the global pandemic must prioritize the health and safety of those who are most vulnerable, including immigrants. However, we fear that vulnerable populations including undocumented migrant workers, poor people, and refugees will be deemed acceptable collateral damage by forces that view them as less than human. At NDLON, we will do everything within our power to protect members of our community who might be at risk of being left behind in the days and weeks ahead.

National Day Laborers Association

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