Wednesday, October 09, 2019

DSA Statement- Close the Camps

 Donald Trump has used divide-and-conquer tactics to divide the working class from the first days of his campaign. And he’s used that playbook throughout his administration, escalating a failed and cruel immigration policy into an all-out war against immigrants, banning Muslims, slamming the door on refugees, and tearing children from their parents’ arms.
That’s why DSA is endorsing a national weekend of action to #ClosetheCamps on Indigenous People’s Day weekend, Oct 11-14. Our national Immigrant Rights Working Group is leading this action in partnership with organizations including the Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps and the indigenous socialist group The Red Nation.
Find a Local Action
You can find guidelines on the website. Right now, DSAers as far apart as Texas, California, Minnesota, and Georgia are organizing actions. There’s still time to get involved! And you can download a printable sign here for your rally or to put in your window.
The DSA Immigrant Rights Working Group can help you organizing your action. You can find more about the Immigrant Rights Working Group here.
I'll see you then!
Maria Svart
DSA National Director
PS: Have you seen our National Political Committee’s statement on impeachment? It makes the connection between Trump’s systematic immigrant-bashing and caging of children and his attacks on the union movement — and points out that when democratic socialists originally raised the call to impeach, they were ignored for months. It’s compelling reading, especially now.

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