Saturday, February 16, 2019

Trump Declares a National Emergency

Yesterday, the Trump administration declared a national emergency.
This manufactured emergency demonstrates that the Trump administration is willing to do whatever it takes to separate families and destroy communities by continuing to push forward a border wall.

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Border communities have been leading the fight to keep families together and resist against the border wall, even before Trump took office. But this fight doesn't end with a physical border wall. Billions of dollars were allocated in the recent spending bill to fund border patrol, ICE, and enforcement all across the country. It's not just our border communities that feel this, its something that affects our whole country. 
Just last week, my friend and fellow Cosecha Texas organizer Juan Ortiz was one of many activists in El Paso who went to Trump's rally to call attention to the #ElPaso9 who are being detained, put in solitary confinement, and force-fed. Yet, they were met with violence not only from security, but from Trump's followers. We know how much deeper the fight against the true emergency happening in our anti-immigrant country goes.

Immigrant workers and families are under constant threat of attack.They are at risk of being stopped for driving without a license, getting arrested for taking their children to school, going to work, going to the store or to a park. Risking deportation for doing everyday things. There are workers being exploited, discriminated against, and abused because of their immigration status. There are men, women, and children in detention centers, “en jaulas,” stripped away from their families and experiencing constant trauma. Millions of immigrants and activists are targeted by ICE, a rogue agency that is finding new and more violent ways to jail and criminalize workers and families across the country. We feel this emergency daily.

We can no longer go back to the same strategies, we can no longer ask institutions that have failed us over and over to protect our communities, we need to show this country that we will not stand and tolerate these attacks in our communities. We have been working on the front-lines, both at and within our border. That is why the immigrant community is mobilizing every day to fight for permanent protection, dignity and respect.

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