Saturday, March 10, 2018

Donald Trump's Deportation Machine

Please go to the newsstands later this month or click on to read a TIME Magazine cover story: "No one is safe. How Trump's immigration policy is splitting families apart.”
The farm worker movement helped put TIME Magazine in contact with the family featured in this story, a hard working farm worker family with three American-born children whose father, Alejandro, was ripped apart from them. The father had no criminal record -- not even a speeding ticket. The mother, Maria, is alone in the country hoping the same horrifying situation does not happen to her. As a member of the UFW Foundation, Maria has learned about her rights and is empowered to tell her story.
We wanted to share Maria and Alejandro’s heartbreaking story with you as an example of the realities we see way too often in farm worker communities. Stories like this are why we continue to do everything we can to protect farm workers and immigrants who contribute so much to our economy.
Please read this heartbreaking article. This is affecting not only the adults, but their children. Kids are being taught at a very young age what it is they need to do if mom and dad don’t come home. I will be reaching out to you again, in hopes that you will continue helping us protect these vulnerable members of our communities and their families. 
Thank you for supporting us.

Arturo S. Rodriguez
UFW President

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