Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Republicans Plan to Fund Border Wall

BORDER BATTLE BREWING: "House Republicans are ready to provide a down payment on President Donald Trump's border wall with Mexico, reigniting a fight that could lead to a government shutdown this fall," report POLITICO's Rachel Bade and Seung Min Kim. "In a nod to Trump's signature campaign promise, the House Appropriations Committee unveiled a bill to fund homeland security Tuesday that matches the administration's request for $1.6 billion for the next fiscal year." 
When the Trump administration pushed for wall funding in April, Democrats stood unified in opposition, and the same trend appears to be emerging this time around. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi painted the latest proposal as an undue burden for taxpayers (Trump said just last week that Mexico would "absolutely" pay for the wall, a pledge that apparently didn't convince House appropriators). Pelosi called it "immoral, ineffective and expensive," a categorization that doesn't seem to leave much sunlight for dealmaking.
From Politico's Morning Report

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