Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Live DACA sit in in Austin, Texas

Watch LIVE as DACAmented immigrants risk arrest and deportation to fight for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for all 11 million immigrants.

18 DACAmented youth and allies are currently blocking the main access road to the capitol building in Austin, Texas in the first undocumented-led civil disobedience of the Trump Era. This bold action is sending a message to this country: we’re fighting for permanent protection for all of us. Watch us take historic and unprecedented action under Trump here.

Watch the action live here!

We are standing undivided in the face of national policies meant to divide our community into who is deserving and undeserving of permanent protection. We’re refusing to allow anti-immigrant policies to go into effect without a fight.

We’re doing this for the 11 million. For the 11 million who sustain this workforce. For the 11 million who are the pillars of our communities. For the 11 million who are our parents, our friends, and our neighbors. For the 11 million who deserve permanent protection, dignity, and respect because this country depends on us.

Honor the sacrifice and the risk that undocumented people are taking today and watch as we fight for our people. Please share this livestream with your friends and tell them that you are #OutragedandUnafraid with us.

Please continue to follow our Movimiento Cosecha Facebook page and Twitter account @CosechaMovement for live updates. Make sure to turn on your notifications so you won’t miss a thing!

Hasta La Huelga,

Thaís Marques

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