Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cesar Chavez State Holiday


California has established an official state holiday in honor of César E. Chávez. The holiday will be celebrated on March 31 of each year.  This is one of the very few labor leaders to be recognized with a state holiday. 
This holiday commemorates the life of a man who dedicated his energy to helping improve the plight of the American farm workers and to pointing out the dangers of pesticide use on food. His deep belief in nonviolence and in the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. won him the admiration and respect of leaders throughout the world. 


The State Board of Education adopted a Model Curriculum on the Life and Work of César E. Chávez  
The United Farm Workers, with the assistance of a panel of educators (including members of CTA), has created a supplemental curriculum kit on the life, legacy and work of Chávez. It includes a coloring book, a song book, a poster and a video. A teacher's guide includes a detailed biography, discussion questions and reproducible handouts. 

The purpose of the materials is to help students understand the relevancy of Chávez's central philosophies on social justice, public action, nonviolence and volunteerism. The materials challenge students to address issues of justice, diversity and equality within their own communities.

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