Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Telling our own story. Mexican American Digital History project

The Mexican American Digital History project is a new online effort  to collect and assemble a digital record  of the  Chicano/Mexican American history in the Sacramento region from 1940- present.  Directors are Dr. Duane Campbell and Prof. Dolores Delgado Campbell.
Our next event is -  “Telling our own story,”  Sat.  May 4, 2013.   1:30- 3:30  PM  at the  Sol Collective.  2574 21st. Street, Sacramento, Ca. 95818.  The  directors of the Mexican American Digital History Project will exhibit our current work  and discuss this effort.  www.MexicanAmericanDigitalHistory.org   We will assist volunteers to scan and upload their materials.
We encourage contributions of news articles, written documents, and photos.
For further information contact us at campd22702@gmail.com
Photo. Safeway boycott. 1973. 

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