Monday, November 26, 2012

No to the "fiscal cliff" hysteria

The  Sacramento Bee editorial board  starts in the right direction today  by calling for smaller steps to  avoid the “fiscal cliff”.  Then, strangely, you list small steps that only call for compromise   as advocated  by the Republican- austerity side.  While unemployment remains high and economic growth slow, we do not need more austerity.  For small steps, President Obama suggested that we extend the Bush era tax reductions for the bottom 98 % .  This is a proposal that almost everyone agrees with- or at least say they agree with.  Then, we can disagree with over the 2 %. and work toward  a compromise.  We should also immediately  reauthorize the funding for extended unemployment benefits to prevent  1.5 million workers and their dependents losing  their benefits.
Putting the most vulnerable people at risk is the wrong response to the fiscal situation. 
So- yes.  Slow down.   Don’t panic. 
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