Monday, May 14, 2012

California Immigration bills by Assemblymember V. Manuel Perez

AB 1544 Agriculture Jobs & Industry Stabilization Act of 2012 – creates a guest worker program, administered by the Employment Development Department, whereby current undocumented workers in the agriculture and service sectors, and their immediate family members, would be authorized to remain in California as legal residents provided they meet specified criteria. The program would be paid for with fees charged to those participating. The bill requires an analysis to be done in year three of the program to determine whether it had resulted in any displacement of employable U.S. citizens in the specified industries.
AB 1545 Bi-National Economic Development & Infrastructure Bank – establishes a state equivalent of the North American Development Bank to facilitate and finance economic and infrastructure projects in the California and Mexico border region. Improving the goods movement infrastructure and economy of California-Mexico border region, based on expediting legitimate commerce, will result in immediate and long-term benefits to the people of California. Economic stability in the border region also serves as a practical approach for minimizing and discouraging the unauthorized flow of individuals into California. This bill creates a tool to support the investment of private and federal dollars in projects that facilitate trade and economic growth and does not use state General Funds.
AB 1546 California High Skilled Worker Retention & Family Act of 2012 – authorizes the Employment Development Department to develop a state program that allows high skilled workers that meet specified criteria to be sponsored by businesses to work legally in California under the status of resident immigrant. The bill recognizes the economic importance of maintaining access to high skilled workers and creates a California version of the federal law related to sponsored immigrant workers. The program would be administered by EDD and would be paid for with fees from the sponsoring business.

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