Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recall Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer


The group behind the successful recall of Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce is now targeting infamous Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.
Citizens For A Better Arizona is gauging interest among Arizona voters for a recall of Brewer (R), saying they would back a recall effort if they get 5,000 people to sign a volunteer petition in which each person pledges to collect 100 signatures. “If Governor Brewer is recalled, I commit to being one of 5,000 citizens to collect 100 signatures,” the petition says.
For Brewer to be recalled, they would have to collect 432,000 valid signatures. Her term is currently set to end in 2014.
CFBA was the driving force behind the recall election of Pearce (R), who is infamous for drafting the state’s immigration crackdown. The efforts were primarily focused on mobilizing Hispanic voters to get out to the polls in order to elect a Republican with a more moderate stance on immigration.

On the same volunteer petition, there is also an option for voters to join a “Citizen’s Posse” in an effort to target Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is up for a sixth term in next year’s election. “Hold Sheriff Arpaio accountable by attending actions, making calls and recruiting volunteers,” the petition says.
Randy Parraz and Chad Snow, who co-founded Citizens for a Better Arizona, announced the new effort Monday. “Our job is to listen to the citizens of Arizona,” Parraz told the Arizona Republic.
Brewer said of the recall effort Monday: “I haven’t given it any thought.”
Arpaio also dismissed the efforts. “It’s my job to enforce all the laws,” he said. “If they don’t like it, that’s their problem.”
From: Talking Points Memo. 

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