Monday, February 01, 2010

The Southern State of the Union Index

And, we in California thought things were bad here.

The Southern State of the Union

Facing South
January27, 2010
Out of 13 Southern states,* number with unemployment
rates over 10%: 8

Percent of African-Americans unemployed nationally:

Percent of African-Americans unemployed in South
Carolina: 20.4% (#1 in country)

Of 10 states with the lowest median income, number that
are in the South: 8

Of 10 states with the highest number of occupational
fatalities, number in the South: 5

Education spending per pupil in the state of New York:

Education spending per pupil in Tennessee: $7,113

Of 15 states with highest percentage of population
incarcerated, number in the South: 11

Of 15 states with the highest percentage of population
without health insurance, number in the South: 8

Of 20 Congressional districts containing the highest
percentage of residents without health care, number in
Florida and Texas: 15

Percent of the population of Mississippi enrolled in
Medicaid: 21.2% (#1 in country)

Percent of West Virginia population enrolled in
Medicare: 17.4% (#1 in country)

Rank of Texarkana, Arkansas/Texas, among U.S. metro
areas having the highest percentage of their health
insurance market monopolized by one company: 1

Percent of those enrolled in TRICARE, the federally-
backed health insurance program for active-duty
military and retirees, that are in Southern states: 47%

Number of Congressional seats and Electoral College
votes Southern states are expected to gain after the
2010 Census: 7

Rank of North Carolina and South Carolina among states
with biggest increase in Latino/Hispanic population: 1,

Months since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast:

Number of vacant or unoccupied residential addresses in
New Orleans as of September 2009: 61,310 **

Of 15 states emitting highest amount of toxic releases
into the environment, number in the South: 7

Of 10 states with lowest voter turnout in 2008, number
in the South: 6

Of 10 states that saw the biggest increase in voter
turnout between 2004 and 2008, number in the South: 6

Of 13 Southern states, number that set 30-year records
for voter turnout in 2008: 10

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Facing South
January27, 2010

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