Sunday, November 05, 2006

Oaxaca March : Nov. 5

Sixth Megamarch Organized by APPO Underway in Oaxaca

By Nancy Davies,
Posted on Sun Nov 5th, 2006 at 12:40:43 PM EST

During the night helicopters brought military troops
into the city. According to "La Doctora," impeccably
calm and intelligent as ever on Radio Universidad, the
people must remain non-violent. She mentioned Mahatma
Ghandi and to avoid the provocations the military and
PRI will attempt. The people must remain organized and
dignified, she said.

This morning a student from the Technological Institute
in front of Radio Universidad was shot in the chest.
His name is Marcos Manuel Sanchez Martinez. He is still
alive and receiving medical care. La Doctora says that
the shooters are establishing an early morning pattern
of attacks.

Meanwhile, supporters are on the road toward Oaxaca for
the march which was scheduled to convene at 10:00 AM in
front of the monument in the Viguera neighborhood.
About 700 people left Mexico DF to come here, according
to La Jornada. They were stopped by a military
roadblock (reten), made to get off the bus, searched
which the bus was also searched, but then permitted to
continue. Last night other busloads were sited as well,
coming from Nochitzlan and other main roads.

Fox is not completely impeding free transit in the
nation or in the state of Oaxaca, and that's a small
victory similar to the Federal Preventive Police's
failed invasion of the autonomous university. Symbolic
rules still hold.

The Sixth Megamarch will be another face-off between
the peoples and the government forces. Attention must
be paid.

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