Saturday, July 15, 2006

NY Times and the Mexican elections

What a strange, one sided story ,” Video, Doubts and Backlash in Mexican Vote,” by Ginger Thompson in the New York Times of July 14, 2006.
The writer used a very selective use of examples, each chosen to support the PAN election rather than providing a balanced story. Given that there is substantive evidence that the Mexican election of 1988 was stolen, the effort of Lopez Obrador to demand election integrity and a ballot by ballot count of the votes is appropriate.
The Bush regime’s contact with PAN through Choice Point is even more troubling. I wish that Al Gore would have challenged the elections in Florida 2000 with this vigor.
Defending elector democracy, opposing electoral fraud is well worth fighting for – even when it reveals a deeply divided country.
The Obrador campaign is demanding democracy- the respect for the right of a majority to win elections.

Dr. Duane E. Campbell
Sacramento, Calif.

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