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Defend Immigrants Rights



Defend Immigrants Rights 

( for members of Democratic Socialists of America)


As you may know, the 2021 Convention is coming up this August. As we lead up to the Convention, the Immigrants' Rights Working Group Steering Committee unanimously adopted a Priority Resolution On the Defense of Immigrants and Refugees

We need 100 signatures before April 15 in order for the resolution to reach the convention floor. A link to the resolution can also be found on the signature form here.

Sign to support the Resolution On Defense of Immigrants and Refugees


Immigrants in the United States are living under apartheid conditions. Under the U.S. constitution, persons living in the U.S. are promised basic human rights; however, under the current legal framework migrants in the U.S. are disenfranchised from basic legal protections. The migrant working class constitutes ast least 22 % of the working class.  This working class population – residents of the U.S., should not be ignored by a socialist platform. 

Political projects including the (draft)  platform position to treat immigration as only or primarily a subcategory of Internationalism,  do not include a substantive and realistic analysis  the migrant working class in the nation fail to understand both race and class in the U.S. and thus fail to address our  fundamental political tasks.

 Of course there is an international component to the migration issues just as there is an international component of the ecological crisis, and the need to rebuild a labor movement and a socialist movement.  The world is experiencing a major restructuring of the global economy directed by self-interested transnational corporations. The impoverishment of the vast majority of people in pursuit of profits for the minority has pushed millions to migrant in search of food, jobs, and security. Global capitalism produces global migration. NAFTA and other trade agreements produces a new wave of migration. The economic restructuring of Asia, Africa, and Latin America has pushed millions to migrate to the U.S. in search of a  safety and a decent standard of living. 


How you can assist ?


If you are a  DSA member, please read the linked  proposed resolution (above)  on the Defense of Immigrants and Refugees as drafted by the Immigrants Rights Working Group. ( IMWG).

If you agree with the perspective, you are invited to endorse the resolution using the link provided. If we get 100 signatures, the resolution will go forward to the convention for consideration. Only DSA members may endorse this resolution. 

Please complete your signing before April 13, 2021.

If you are not a DSA member, you may join at


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