Monday, August 10, 2020

To Defeat Trump; Discredit His Movement and Elect Progressives

To Defeat Trump
 Discredit His Movement, and Elect Progressives

I, and others, mostly organized around the North Star Caucus of DSA  have developed an open letter on why it is essential to use all of our efforts to defeat Donald Trump and his regime.   The letter, as printed in The Nation, is here. 


Statement  the Nation


Here is the letter in Spanish.


Mijente makes the argument from an immigration perspective well,


For years, Mijente has been sounding the alarm about the dangers of DHS, an agency that is already bloated, overfunded, and operates with impunity. 


For years they have been practicing and perfecting their tactics on our communities. The difference in Portland is that they implemented those tactics openly and under the protection of an authoritarian president. 


If this is what they do to mostly white U.S. citizens in front of the media, imagine what they are doing to people in their custody, to people who are seeking refuge in isolated parts of the border. 


We must defeat Trump in November. But that’s not all. We must defeat Trumpism as well. That means dismantling agencies like DHS, which oversees Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Patrol. Mijente is committed to this fight. Are you with us?


So, you are invited to join us in this effort,  You join by going to the statement and signing on to the movement to defeat Trump and Trumpism.



Duane Campbell


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