Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Economic Relief

COVID-19 Economic Relief Legislation
On March 27th, 2020, the House of Representatives passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) which President Trump then signed into law. This $2 trillion allocation is part of the federal response intended to help businesses and individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following are some highlights of the CARES Act:
  • Direct cash relief: Most individuals earning less than $75,000 can expect a one-time cash payment of $1,200. Married couples would each receive a check and families would get $500 per child. Unfortunately, undocumented individuals will not receive this check since only persons who file their taxes with a Social Security number are eligible. 
  • Unemployment Insurance: Creates a temporary unemployment assistance program during the pandemic for up to 39 weeks from Jan 27, 2020- Dec 31, 2020. Those who qualify would receive $600 in addition to the state unemployment benefit.
  • Community Health Centers: The bill provides $1.32 billion in immediate additional funding for community-based centers that provide health care services for roughly 28 million people.
There are many other provisions under the CARES Act including student loan protections, and credit protection during the crisis. While this help was welcomed, we know it is not enough to sustain vulnerable communities who are experiencing the brunt of the pandemic. LULAC continues to fight for additional relief in future legislative packets that is targeted to all workers, including the undocumented and their families.

 California Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrants 
On April 15, Governor Newsom announced one-time disaster relief assistance for undocumented Californians impacted by COVID-19, who are ineligible for most other forms of pandemic assistance, including direct assistance under the CARES Act and unemployment insurance.
Eligible Californians may receive one-time COVID-19 disaster relief assistance at a value of $500. A limit of two adults per household can receive this assistance (maximum assistance of $1,000 per household).
 The CA Department of Social Services (CDSS) will select immigrant-serving community-based nonprofit organizations to conduct targeted outreach, application assistance, and delivery of the disaster relief assistance to eligible individuals. The selected organizations will deliver the assistance directly to qualified individuals. CDSS’ goal is for Californians to be able to access this relief through local community-based nonprofits starting mid-May 2020. A final date will be provided in the coming week.

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