Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Guatemala's Government agrees to Asylum

Guatemala and the Trump administration have agreed an an asylum deal.


In our  (IRWG) resolution to the DSA  convention, one of our points is to oppose any expansion of Guest Worker or H2A programs. Today, the Trump administration is seeking to expand H 2 A in an agreement with the ( corrupt) government of Guatemala.
This is an artful ploy, and we need to respond with precision. Those who primarily see an issue of humanitarian relief may support the Trump administration in this move.
The proposal would provide a new, expanded H2A work force for Guatemalan workers. The problem is not the workers, the problem is the exploitive, colonial program.
From the United Farmworkers Union.
We have to stop these Trump H-2A changes or farm workers will suffer.
See below. https://antiracismdsa.blogspot.com/2019/07/trumps-h2a-changes-hurt-farm-workers.html

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