Monday, April 22, 2019

Farmworkers Seek Immigration Bill

“Cesar taught us to fight for our rights. Alone we are weak, but when we come together we are a force for change. I miss Cesar, but I carry his message in my heart. Every day I recommit to his struggle.”   -- Santiago Lopez, Tomato worker
Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 23 marks 26 years since Cesar Chavez passed. We're sure that you, like all of us, deeply miss his presence. The best way to remember him is to recommit ourselves to what he dedicated his life to: Bringing a measure of justice to farm workers.
This year, a major focus of farm workers is advocating for the “Blue Card” (Tarjeta Azul) immigration bill. In early March, we sent a delegation to Washington, DC to lobby for this critical bill. The theme farm workers chose for their Cesar Chavez marches last month was promoting the blue card legislation. Thousands of farm workers turned out in Oxnard and Salinas to march in support of the blue card on March 24 and on Cesar's March 31 birthday. And next week, on April 28th, farm workers are planning another big Cesar Chavez march in Madera to advocate for this all-important bill.       
Fresno County farm worker Xochityl Garcia explains why this bill so important. “It would allow hard-working farm workers and their families to come out of the shadows. We work hard in this country to put food on America's tables and we deserve the chance to earn legal status with this 'Blue Card' legislation. Children shouldn't have to worry every day when they get home from school that their parents may not come home again.”
Join us in sending a clear signal to leaders in Congress. Agriculture is vital to America's economy and the threat of deportations has caused disruptions that are harming the economic stability of this industry. The Blue Card bill provides provides farm workers a way to earn lawful permanent residence by continuing to work in the fields. The bill provides a stable, legal, skilled workforce, which would benefit farm workers, employers, and consumers. 
We are lucky to have you as our good friend. Please continue to stand strongwith farm workers. Send your gift today to Cesar's UFW.
To show our appreciation, we will send a copy of “Conquering Goliath: Cesar Chavez at the Beginning” by Cesar's mentor, Fred Ross, to the first 100 people donating $50 or more. 
Thanks and Viva Cesar Chavez!

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