Sunday, December 16, 2018

Truth Act Forum and ICE

Truth Act Forum - Board of Supervisors Special Meeting Monday, 12/17 9:30 a.m. 700 H Street

Dear folks, this is a critical forum in which we need your support and attendance and willingness to provide a public comment.  Please share widely with all your networks. See attached flyer.  Thanks for your support

Join us in a show of solidarity to support transparency and accountability.   

What is the TRUTH Act Community Forum? 
The TRUTH ACT requires the local governing body of any county or city in which local law enforcement has provided federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) access to an individual during the previous year to hold a community forum to provide information to the public about ICE’s access to individuals and to receive and consider public comment. 

Here in Sacramento County, immigrants are a vital part of our families and communities.
  • We need to recognize the humanity of every person who calls our county home, no matter their background, what they look like, or where they were born. Immigrants are our friends, our neighbors, and us.
  • Nearly one in five residents of Sacramento County is an immigrant and are deeply rooted in our neighborhoods and communities.
  • We know that true victory and liberation of our community is unattainable until there is an end to mass incarceration — an end to the profiteering of communities of color.
If we uphold our values, we’ll move Sacramento County forward.
  • With relentless attacks on immigrant communities coming from Washington, we need to stand for compassion and shared humanity, and stand up against Sheriff Jones’s adoption of the Trump administration’s aggressive anti-immigrant agenda.
  • We will continue to stand by our values of shared humanity, equality, fairness, and justice to fight for a more compassionate Sacramento County.
We must continue to scrutinize the Sheriff’s aggressive anti-immigrant agenda.
  • Last year, the Sheriff met with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and his jail continues to profit from detaining immigrant community members and tearing families apart, despite documented abuses.
  • Sheriff Jones has a terrible track record on immigrant rights and we must reject his long pattern of supporting the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant and hate-filled agenda.

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