Tuesday, October 13, 2015

AB 101 Vetoed- Ethnic Studies

From the Ethnic Studies Coalition.
Unfortunately, Governor Brown refused to listen to the people -- he vetoed AB 101. Sources also tell us that State Superintendent Tom Torlakson played a role in killing the Ethnic Studies bill. You can read Gov. Brown's letter and Assemblymember Alejo's response on our website.

But we will not lose our resolve. We will not allow the powers-that-be dictate to us what is worthy of study and what is not. Our communities deserve better. We will redouble our efforts at the local level and prepare ourselves to ensure we build insurmountable public pressure to bring Ethnic Studies into every school in California.

Thanks to your efforts, school districts across California are implementing Ethnic Studies programs -- to more than 200,000 students! This is a huge accomplishment and we will continue providing support to local districts, like those in Ventura County who recently launched their Ethnic Studies Now campaign. 
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See the letters linked above. 
A process to change the History Social Science Framework that would include the Ethnic Studies proposal offers an opportunity.  See the several posts on this process here. http://antiracismdsa.blogspot.com/2015/10/breakthrough-on-california.html

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