Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chicano/Mexican American Digital History project

A new, revised Mexican American Digital History has been created on line.  Our goal is to create an on-line history collection of Chicano / Mexican American/Latino history in the Sacramento region. You can find the project at MexicanAmericanDigitalHistory.org
  We encourage participation and contributions by others based upon the model established by the Farmworker Movement documentation project.  See example. http://www.farmworkermovement.us/
The project has begun to assemble and to create a digital history of  Chicano and Mexican American history and activism in the Sacramento region 1940 to the present. We will collect, write, and post this history so that it is not lost nor discarded.  We will make this history available to teachers to balance the lack of Chicano history in the public schools and universities.

The well informed may ask, why did we call this Mexican American rather than Chicano.  Well, actually we called it both as you will see if you visit the site. We created a new domain name MexicanAmericanDigitalHistory.org  in response to the declining use of the term Chicana/o among a younger generation.  We chose to be findable, and searchable on the web.  The prior material remains on the web at its original location, the DemocracyEducationInstitute.org
We welcome feedback and contributions of appropriate historical materials, photos, videos, etc.  See the link for how to contribute.  

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