Thursday, December 02, 2010

Haiti Journal

I should have spent Thanksgiving in Haiti this year. Instead, because of some unavoidable document work, I will be leaving this Saturday for about the saddest place in this half of the world.

This disease is gaining momentum. It is now projected to infect 400,000 people, half of those in the first three months (or by the end of January). Cases have already jumped to over 72,000 and confirmed dead now stands at 1,648. More than one thousand people are hospitalized every day and more than 50 people are now dying each and every day from this disease that wealthier countries no longer consider a threat. 

Today are the presidential elections. There are people marching in the streets...lamenting the lack of a fair election, clean water, sanitation...asking for the keeping of promises. For example, only a minor fraction of earthquake relief funds promised by foreign countries, including the US, has arrived.

And now, although thousands more are likely to die from this cholera epidemic, aid workers are cancelling travel to Haiti. Many aid workers there are simply going home. Children's Hope is doing neither. We will leave to return to Haiti this Saturday for our 6th humanitarian relief trip this year.

Once on the ground I will determine the length of my stay in Haiti this trip. There is no organizational overhead this trip. All donations will go directly to provide relief. Please stand with Children's Hope as we strive to save the lives of children in Haiti. The needs are too many to count. I know the look of a hungry and sick child...the way a thirsty child refuses to move a cup from his lips (even to breathe) until every last drop is gone. We can make a little go so far for so many.

This Thanksgiving Season...give thanks by giving a child a better chance to see next year. You can make a pledge by replying to this message, or donate online by going to our blog , or simply send a check to Children's Hope, 3025A Cambridge Road, Cameron Park, CA 95692.

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