Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gutierrez introduces a new immigration bill

Congressman Luis Gutierrez Introduces Immigration Bill

Below is a summary of the immigration reform legislation introduced by Congressman Luis Gutierrez and many other members of the U.S. Congress. We would qualify this legislative initiative as a very good beginning of the immigration debate about the character of immigration reform that is good for immigrants and good for America.We find much more to support in this legislation than to recommend for improvements and call on all immigrant communities to review it closely, draw your own conclusions, and make your voices heard. The debate now begins. We certainly will do our part to make the information available to our constituents, organize informational forums and hearings, make our recommendations and suggestions known to the legislators, and mobilize our community in favor of the best possible deal that we can get under the dire circumstances that we currently face in the country.
We applaud Congressman Luis Gutierrez for his perseverance, his colleagues of the various congressional caucuses, and the many organizations, churches, and unions that played a role in bringing to light this legislation. Now the really tough fight begins to seeing it through to the U.S. Senate - secure a comparable companion bill - and corraling enough votes for its approval in 2010 with the signature of the president.

Much will depend on the integrity and quality of leadership of the Democratic Party, and its commitment to the immigrant communities throughout the nation. It will be our job to put the focus of pressure where it belongs - on the party that has the power and the numbers in both houses of the U.S. Congress to make this happen.
Nativo V. Lopez
National President MAPA

Luis Gutierrez Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill SummaryHere is a summary of the Gutierrez bill that was introduced in Congress today:
Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity
(CIR ASAP) Act of 2009

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