Friday, August 10, 2007

ICE Raids

Update on Smash ICE Project
To Everyone Concerned,

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) branch of the National
Security Agency continues to aggressively conduct raids against immigrant
communities, both in the Pacific Northwest and nationwide. The detentions
and deportations that come as a result effect more than just the families
that are broken within the process, they are of concern to every person that
knows feelings of compassion and empathy.

There is a network of groups forming in the region attempting to address the
issue of immigrant rights (basic human rights) rapidly and thoroughly. If
you or your organization would like to be contacted to help mobilize a
response in the event of a raid, please send an email to
with your contact information. The informal group behind this project
currently resides in the Puget Sound area. While each of us differ in our
politics, we all agree that what ICE is doing, what the government is doing,
and what the system is doing must stop immediately.

Currently a tentative meeting is planned for the Saturday following a raid
at 2:00pm at the Tacoma Federal Building*. This location has been chosen
because Tacoma is the location of northwest regional detention center.
Thanks for your efforts!



Tacoma Federal Building, on Pacific Avenue between South 17th Street and
South 19th Street.


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