Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A comprehensive view of the immig. struggle

Toward A Comprehensive Immigration Policy
IRC | March 20, 2006

Americas Program, International Relations Center (IRC)

To summarize, a comprehensive overhaul of our immigration system would include these components:
• Occurs in the context of a national economic policy that encourages full-employment at livable wages and with respect for basic rights to organize.
• Prioritizes the entry of political refugees.
• Legalizes the presence of the large sector of unauthorized immigrants that have established roots in U.S. society and economy.
• Leaves open the possibility for guest-worker programs that do not endanger the jobs of legal U.S. residents and guarantees respect for the rights of these temporary workers.
• Determines a sustainable level of legal immigration that benefits U.S. society and economy.
• Reduces immigration visas for family reunification to ensure that any earned legalization program does not lead to large increases in legal immigration flows.
• Deemphasizes border security, and instead places the emphasis of controlling illegal immigration on institution of a worker ID system.
• Reforms U.S. foreign policy in ways that promote broad development and job creation in “sending” countries.
• Protects the human rights (with special attention to labor rights and conditions) of all U.S. residents, whether legal or not.

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