Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Text your friends. Vote

One of the most important things you can do today is remind your friends and family that Election Day is coming up, and let them know why voting is important to you. After all, the number one predictor of whether or not someone will vote is whether a person they know asks them to. Seriously — it’s as simple as that.

So right now, send a text to 10 friends and family members reminding them to vote. Here is a sample text that you can send to your contacts:

Election Day is on Tuesday! Do you know where and when you’re voting? If we all vote, we can change the House and put Democrats in charge to actually put a check on Trump.

As you know, over 1,000,000 immigrants in California can not vote.  But, we can vote to protect their rights.

Boosting voter turnout makes our democracy stronger.

Take a moment to text 10 friends about why voting is important to you this year, and a reminder to get out and vote on Election Day.

Here are the Progressive Alliance Voter Recommendations.

Thanks for your support!

As a thank you, Here is a video about Coco ( in Spanish)

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