Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'We Have To Keep Organizing, We Can Not Stop' ...

DSA's newest Congress Woman

In a galvanizing victory speech to an electrified crowd of admirers, Ocasio-Cortez waved away the latest criticism—of her admittedly skeletal plan to pay for an expensive agenda—with the assurance that will finds a way. "They will always call the ambitious naive, they will always call the ambitious uninformed," she said, but the overwhelming excitement her primary win engendered matters—precisely because it was not partisan. Neither party does enough for its constituents, and her victory emphasized a widespread readiness for a fresh political approach, and the possibility of real change that new course presented. 
"Our deepest challenges are not left and right, they are not red and blue; they are top and bottom, they are right and wrong," she said. "It is not good enough to throw a rock at our neighbor's yard, we need to clean up our own house."
She also acknowledged disappointment at the evening's mixed bag of returns: Democrats won the House, but lost key gubernatorial races across the country to Donald Trump-approved candidates: Georgia Representative Stacey Abrams seemed poised to lose, narrowly, to Brian Kemp (although Abrams had not conceded at time of writing); progressive Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum lost to the same windbag who underestimated Ocasio-Cortez.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Sending Troops to the Border is an Election Tactic-

Sending the troops is not about the caravan.
It’s about an election.
It’s a culture war being waged by the Trump Administration.
The migrant caravan is 800 miles away from our southern border. These Central American families will literally walk for months with small children in tow. Some humanizing reports are already showing stories of burnout and fatigue among asylum-seekers.

These are families – mothers, daughters, sons, and fathers – who are walking in horrendous conditions, unlikely to reach the border.
The Trump Administration is exploiting the vulnerability of these families as part of his culture war, entirely for political gain.

The reality is, the families are:
  • fleeing violence and lack of economic opportunity
  • traveling to the U.S. to seek asylum, which is legal
  • in no way a national security threat
Despite articles sensationalizing “record migration,” net migration to the U.S. is on the decline and has been since 2005.

And the caravans are nothing new and in no way are a “crisis.” Humanitarian groups have been organizing similar caravans since 2010.

Like the Irish "coffin ships" of before, these caravans are made up of families escaping horrors. They are simply families trying to go through our legal application process for asylum.

This election is going to end, but the fight for the soul of America will continue. And we must continue to fight. 
"Dear America" by Jose Antonio Vargas is now available at available wherever books are sold. The author will donate a portion of his proceeds to Define American.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Text your friends. Vote

One of the most important things you can do today is remind your friends and family that Election Day is coming up, and let them know why voting is important to you. After all, the number one predictor of whether or not someone will vote is whether a person they know asks them to. Seriously — it’s as simple as that.

So right now, send a text to 10 friends and family members reminding them to vote. Here is a sample text that you can send to your contacts:

Election Day is on Tuesday! Do you know where and when you’re voting? If we all vote, we can change the House and put Democrats in charge to actually put a check on Trump.

As you know, over 1,000,000 immigrants in California can not vote.  But, we can vote to protect their rights.

Boosting voter turnout makes our democracy stronger.

Take a moment to text 10 friends about why voting is important to you this year, and a reminder to get out and vote on Election Day.

Here are the Progressive Alliance Voter Recommendations.

Thanks for your support!

As a thank you, Here is a video about Coco ( in Spanish)

Duane Campbell 
 Also: see the post below, 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Trump Seeks to Take Away Citizenship - Vote !

Our nation, and the 14th Amendment of our Constitution, were built on the promise that no matter who you are or where you come from - you can build a brighter future for your family on American soil. President Trump’s claim today that he can roll back a constitutionally protected birthright is not only an absurd, racist conspiracy, it is driven by a strategy to gin up his base, against you. 
I know Donald Trump wishes he could take my citizenship away from me. My mother came here and forged a better life for her family, but Donald Trump would take away the promise that you can be an American no matter where you come from. 
Donald Trump is attacking the very idea that we are a nation of immigrants who build vibrant communities that contribute to the rich fabric of America.
This President is quick to forget his own immigrant past. But he doesn’t see Latino immigrants as entitled to the American dream like his grandparents were. He sees us as less than, browner, rapists, thieves and criminals. 
We are notWe are votersand we are going to take our power back on November 6th. 
Donald Trump is trying to take away citizenship from a whole generation of Latinos being born in the United States. We cannot let that happen. Please vote. Please get your neighbors to vote. Make it count. 
Now’s our chance.    Kevin  de Léon 

     Help Us Defeat Trump !!
Sacramento Progressive Alliance
Progressive Voter Guide 
 November, 6, 2018.

U.S. Senate
Kevin de León

Gavin Newsom

Attorney General

Xavier Becerra 

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Tony Thurmond

Congressional District 4  Jessica Morse
                      District   10  Josh Harder
          District 6.  Doris Matsui
        District 7 Ami  Bera 
       District 9   Jerry McNerney 
District 3 John Garamendi 

State Senate District 4
Phil Kim
District 6  Jacky Smith 

American River Flood Control District
Rachelanne Rae Vander Werf

Yes on Prop. 1  & 2
Veterans and Affordable Housing

No on Prop 6:  Gas Tax

Yes on 10.  Permits Rent Control

Not printed nor distributed at any candidate’s expense or direction. 

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Defeat the Trump Fear Campaign- Vote !

Contrary to the current Trump Administration statements, we are not being invaded by people from Central America President Trump  has called the upcoming midterms an election of the caravanin reference to migrant caravan group of Central Americans currently walking towards the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Referring to the caravan as “an assault to [the U.S.],” Trump is extending  his racist rhetoric he used against Mexicans—calling them “rapists” and “criminals”—to migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. 

This fear campaign being mounted by the Administration is an attempt to win the November Congressional electionat the cost of once again promoting racially exploitive politics. 

The caravan of poor people, mostly Hondurans, heading toward the border should not be stopped.  The Trump administration now threatens to deny refugee status to all of the migrants.  That would be a violation of our treaty obligations as required by the Convention Relating to the Status of Migrants a United Nations Multilateral Treaty (1951) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1946), which the U.S. government helped to draft. Many migrants are seeking asylum because the communities from which they are fleeing are taken over by violence. The U.S. has laws that allow suchrefugees to seek asylum and we have a due process system for determining who is eligible. 

International trade, trade agreements such as Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), the global drug trade, and increasing violence has led to thousands of people in Honduras and Guatemala to flee their homes in a caravan searching for a safer place, where families could have their basic needs such as food met.  

Rather than  recognizing the violence that  migrants are facing, Trump is suggesting that they are instead coming here to inflict violence by selling drugs or commit crime.  This campaign extends again  the fears of migrants he  used to win the election in 2016.  

Friday, October 26, 2018

Defeat Trump

             Trump Escalates Racism in Campaign
                              His Racially Divisive Politics Must Be Exposed and Opposed !
Foul tactics: Fox News and Donald Trump are creating fear about the caravan of migrants from Honduras in an effort to win this election. 
This fear campaign could cost the Democrats several seats in the very close Congressional election on Nov. 6.  What we can do is work twice as hard to defeat theTrump/Republican  anti-immigrant agenda.  
·      We must stop him now before he and his enablers can further consolidate power.  
·       Stop him by voting  to win control of the U.S. Congress in the 2018 election.  
We need to defeat local Trump enablers Congressmen  Jeff Denham &  Tom McClintock and to  elect a stronger advocate for U.S. Senate-   Kevin de Leon
 Vote for Jessica Morse in District  4 and Josh Harder in  10.
(Who you vote for depends  upon which Congressional district you live in)
 Donald Trump is a serial liar, he  regularly incites political violence and he  is a  rampant xenophoberacist, and  misogynist. He has repeatedly  sought to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S. He promises to build a wall on the border that would cost at least $35 billion to build, and billions each year to maintain.  And, it would not work. 
Trump has an overly cynical and conspiratorial view of immigration: calling for  building  walls, breaking up families,  violating international law and norms  and deporting people.  His fear mongering political message has once again found a very receptive base within our society among some xenophobic and angry conservative  voters.

This racial campaign is dangerous. It mobilizes right-wing  anti-immigrant forces. Trump’s campaign is not just racist- it is a strategy to magnify racism to win the election – and we must defeat it. He is promoting an anti Mexican, anti-immigrant, anti Muslim agenda. He is mainstreaming racism. 

This is Dog Whistle Politics, as described well in Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class, by Ian Haney López (2014).

The Trump campaign provides an example of strategic racism, which is a system of racial oppression created and enforced because it benefits the over class, in this case the many billionaire funders of the Republican Party.   These groups foster and promote interracial conflict and job competition as a strategy to keep wages and benefits low for all. 

Mexicans, Mexican Americans and other Latinos have  a particular reason to be concerned about the mobilization of racist movements by these  harsh and xenophobic  campaigns. During the 1930’s some 1,000,000 Mexicans were deported in response to similar campaigns, including over 500,000 US citizens, and  an additional 1,000,000 Mexicans were deported in Operation Wetback in the 1950's. In California in 1994 then Governor Pete Wilson used similar tactics to win election and to pass the anti-immigrant Proposition 187.  Unfortunately, racism often works in elections.  Trump proposes that it should happen again. 

We should recognize the potential  voting advantage of racist scapegoating in winning elections.  The purpose of Trump’s intolerant bombasts is not to develop a policy -- it is to capture and exploit the anxiety and emotion of a particular sub-set of voters: xenophobic Republicans and the hard Tea Party Right. See an analysis of their present campaign here 

Anti-immigrant campaigns such as that promoted by Trump  and the Republican Party  have effects and must be opposed. The campaign can be defeated if we unite the growing electoral strength of the Latino community with women, people of color, immigrants, and other voters of good conscious (Democrats, Republicans, and independents).   Together we are the majority.  But to win we all need to vote. We need to work together to defeat Trump and his dangerous plan to divide us. 
Low voter turnout among young people and progressives gives the radical right an opportunity to win.  If you believe in a democratic society -   

Join us in a campaign to get your family and friends out to vote !

La campana racista y conflictiva de Trump debe ser descubierta y combatida ¡
La campaña intolerante promovida por Donald Trump y apoyada por el Partido Republicano es un toque de guerra dirigida al sector de blancos conservadores en EU para recuperar sus antiguos privilegios raciales. Como ataque principal, incluye la demanda de deportar a 11 millones de inmigrantes sin documentosy construir una muralla en toda la frontera.  Por lo tanto, y mucho mas, se necesita una vigorosa oposición del pueblo entero en Los Estados Unidos.
Donald Trump es un mentiroso de fama, un farsante que regularmente inicia violencia política entre sus simpatizantes. El es un racista y sexista que promueve el odio contra mujeres, contra latinos y contra los 1.6 mil millones de Musulmanes en el mundo entero. Trump  cínicamente promete construir su gran muralla en la frontera sur al costo de $35 mil millones de dólares, cobrado a fuerza a nuestro vecino México y destinado a dividir familias y a nuestros pueblos.