Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Disinterested Voters, Is It Apathy or Manipulation and Gridlock?

by Jimmy Franco Sr.  Latino Point of View.

The November mid-term elections are now approaching and a political debate and divide is developing among many disgruntled voters as to whether to cast a ballot to support the continuing gridlock in congress and the governmental inaction that has resulted from this situation or abstain. California’s recent June electoral primary had the lowest proportional turnout ever as only a quarter of the voters even bothered to cast a ballot. For many Latinos who are disillusioned with the unprincipled Democrats and their disrespect and empty promises, a decision must be made whether to continue

A Latina activist ponders whether to support Democrats who retreated on immigration reform
A Latina activist ponders whether to support Democrats who retreated on immigration reform
following them in a slavish manner after being continually taken for granted or simply sit this one out. Many elitist pundits and die-hard Democratic Party loyalists lament the low rate of voter turnout at election time and tend to label and fault the voters as being either apathetic of even worse lazy and not caring. In reality, the majority of working-class voters, minorities and women do care about their jobs, wages, children’s education, rights and the continual rise in consumer prices. What these frustrated and angry voters have experienced and still observe is a government that takes their taxes while talkative politicians continue to break their campaign promises by not enacting any concrete laws to improve economic and social conditions for middle-class and lower-income people. This is particularly true at the federal level and even locally within the Los Angeles Unified school District where chaos and dysfunction dominate an educational system that is run by incompetents. Distrustful voters have witnessed a situation of ongoing political gridlock among the US Congress and the president for close to four years now. This legislative stalemate, name calling and inaction on pressing issues is what creates cynicism and non-voting among the electorate especially those who are low-income, minority and young. People no longer want to hear rhetoric, but want to see real changes occur within the real world in which they live. During the 2008 presidential election a ‘messianic’ Obama campaigned as the people’s anti-war candidate and he preached and enthralled voters with his idealistic messages about hope and peace, a new type of government with real representation, a reduction in military conflicts and nuclear weapons, and an improvement in the well-being of working people’s lives. This type of revivalist campaign talk and lofty beliefs particularly inspired the hopes of the young, minorities and women and energized them to turn out in large numbers to support and vote for his promise of change and the building of a new society.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Republicans Love Latinos, Except When Hating Them Gets More Votes

Latino Families Criticize Democratic Senator Kay Hagan

A coalition of Latino families is going after Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina in a pair of Spanish-language billboards that are meant to expose her record on immigration.
The billboards went up Tuesday — one in Raleigh and another in Durham — and were paid for by donations from Latino families. They show an image of Hagan and assert that the Democratic senator “is not a friend of immigrants.” Hagan is among the handful of vulnerable Democratic senators running for re-election in tough races.

Viridiana Martinez, a Dreamer who helped with the efforts to put up the billboards, said the purpose of the billboards is to hold Hagan accountable on immigration.
“This isn’t about a political party,” Martinez said in an interview with VOXXI. “This is about accountability, and Sen. Hagan needs to know that there are consequences for being anti-immigrant.”
The billboards allude to a vote Hagan took in 2006 when she was a state senator to prohibit undocumented immigrants from being able to get driver’s license in North Carolina.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Who do you want deciding on curriculum for California's school children?

Or,  do you prefer the people who fund the Tuck campaign ?

A handful of ultra-wealthy donors who support school privatization and cutting public pension systems are behind a flood of spending supporting former Wall Street Banker Marshall Tuck's campaign for state schools superintendent, campaign disclosure records show.
Far from "Parents and Teachers for Tuck," the $4.7 million collected so far comes instead from sources that support school vouchers, privatization of public pension systems and using disruptive business tactics to overhaul public schools.
Major funders include:
$500,000 from Carrie Walton Penner, whose family made its fortune running anti-union, low-wage paying Wal-Mart. The Walmart 1% website reports that Penner's biography includes serving on the board of the Alliance for School Choice - a school voucher advocacy group.
We have a choice between a teacher with a record of standing with teachers to fund the schools, and a corporate "reform" agent. Your vote will count.