Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mexico, A Toxic Mix of Crime, Corruption and US Collusion

The recent kidnapping and likely murder of 43 Mexican students from a teachers college in Ayotzinapa Guerrero has inflamed the anger of people both within Mexico and abroad. In this incident, local politicians ordered the police to attack and shoot protesting students and then handed 43 of these young people over to an allied criminal gang who kidnapped them. The missing students have yet to be found and are presumed to be dead while their remains and any evidence of this horrendous crime have most likely been destroyed and covered up. Other such deadly attacks upon small farmers and their organizations by politicians allied with wealthy landowners and criminals have also been commonplace in the state of Guerrero which is governed by the supposedly ‘leftist’ PRD party. This violent and grisly act that was committed by these oligarchs  against these young people was intended to intimidate and silence the voices of protesting students and this incident is symbolic of what is left of a shattered Mexican democracy. The growing financial and political complicity between government officials and criminal gangs and their blatant use of terror and violence is aimed at stifling the rights of the Mexican People to enact social change through democratic means. Other victims of this violent trend within Mexico have included numerous journalists, politicians seeking reform, trade unionists and human rights advocates. This deadly attack and kidnapping of these students is a clear example to the world of the blatant lack of democracy and rule of law that now exists within Mexico. Such growing lawlessness on the part of government officials and gang cartel members combined with a consistent growth in financial inequality and unemployment throughout the country has also exerted a downward push on people’s standard of living and on the economic well-being of their families.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vigil por Ayotzinapa Wednesday.

Please join us in solidarity to PEACEFULLY DEMONSTRATE & hold a CANDLELIGHT VIGIL in front of an event being HOSTED BY THE MEXICAN CONSULATE at the CREST THEATER. LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD!! On WEDNESDAY, our elders will continue to address the lack of information, investigation, evidence & accountability given towards the lives that have been stolen as well as those who continue to be missing from Guerrero's Ayotzinapa training college. WE NEED ALL PERSONS & STUDENTS to join us for a demo & candlelight vigil..

(WEAR BLACK With Red Paños on your face OR SHIRTS with the #43...BRING CANDLES & POSTERS)

As students, activists, & human beings..WE ALL have an obligation to join one another to speak out & demand answers to where exactly these men are. This could be your missing father, brother, son, uncle, cousin, or friend.

We will meeting in front of the CREST THEATER where the event will be held: 1013 K Street Sacramento, CA 95814 PLEASE BE There at 4:30pm =)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Tell President Obama- Take Action on Immigration

President Obama has committed to take action on immigration but there are a lot of people who don't want him to—namely, House Republicans.
These are the same House Republicans who have had more than a year to act on the immigration reform bill that the Senate passed—but did nothing instead.
As Republicans try to stop the president, we need to show him that the American people overwhelmingly support him taking action for millions of families.
According to a Nov. 13th New York Times piece, the president's executive action to keep immigrant families together could come as soon as next week. Regardless of the exact timing, we're closer than ever from the biggest immigration victory in decades -- and Republicans are panicking.
They've already begun issuing threats to keep up their bad track record of blocking any immigration reforms while making vague pledges to pass legislation. No more ploys. We are not falling for that false promise again.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Normalistas take over government buildings in Michoacán

November 13, 2014.  La Jornada
Integrantes de la Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE) tomaron esta mañana 113 presidencias municipales de Michoacán; demandan la presentación con vida de los 43 normalistas de Ayotzinapa.
Se prevé que en algunas alcaldías los integrantes de la CNTE coloquen fotografías de los normalistas desaparecidos. En la capital michoacana marcharon por la avenida Madero y se manifestaron frente al Congreso local; después se dirigieron al ayuntamiento, que estaba resguardado por decenas de policías.
Los manifestantes tomaron las alcaldías para decirle a la sociedad que no quieren que lleguen al gobierno alcaldes como el de Iguala, Guerrero, José Luis Abarca. Asimismo, se pronunciaron contra las reformas estructurales y por el respeto a las escuelas normales y a la educación pública.
Se estima que al menos el 30 por ciento de las 11 mil escuelas de educación básica -donde los maestros de la CNTE tienen presencia mayoritaria- pararon labores.