Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Be Thankful. Support Farmworkers

This Thanksgiving I want to personally reach out to you to thank you for all you've done to help us in our work to protect the people who put food on our table. It's thanks to the efforts of generous supporters like you that we’ve made progress for the people who work so hard, yet often have so little themselves.

A union contract means so much to farm workers. It gives them security, a voice on the job, better wages, health insurance and more.

Tomato worker Concepcion Lopez is proud of her UFW contract. She tells us, “I’ve seen many changes there since the union has been there. The foreman treat us better, they don’t yell at us, the bathrooms are clean and there is shade. Everything has changed for the better now that the union is there.”

Vegetable worker Eduardo Velazco agrees. He tells us, “I'm very grateful to the UFW because they have been fighting for this law [fair pay for non-productive time for piece rate workers] and for farm worker rights. Since June, Muranaka Farms has been paying $3 for my time of no production and I earn $9 or $12 more every day. With this extra money I can send more money to my mother and save for times when there's less work.”

Dole Berry worker Mari Lopez adds, “For me the medical insurance RFK that we have is something that we very much benefit from because I had a serious surgery and RFK paid all of my bills and all of this happened because we have a contract under the United Farm Workers union, for which I very much value and am content.”

As you shop for food for your Thanksgiving table, we ask you to look for the union products. To find a list of union label products go to And, please consider making a small donation, so we can continue our work to improve the lives of farm workers.

Thank you for being our supporter, Duane. From my family to yours, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


Arturo S. Rodriguez
United Farm Workers of America

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